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The success of a Sales organization and their ability to convert prospects into customers greatly depends on how well they follow up with their inbound leads. In this Fourth Annual Sales Effectiveness Report, Conversica commissioned independent researchers to secretly shop 1,208 companies, analyze their efforts to engage with inbound leads, and identify trends in lead engagement strategies. A company’s degree of success was determined using four key elements of lead engagement.

Conversica has identified these as the 4Ps of sales effectiveness:

  • Promptness: How quickly did a company follow up on an inquiry with a personalized response?
  • Persistence: How many attempts did the company make to follow up with the lead?
  • Personalization: To what extent was the response personalized? Did the response move the conversation forward?
  • Performance: Did the email successfully reach the lead’s primary Gmail inbox? Or did it land in Promotions, Social or Spam?

The findings from this report can help you understand where your company stands relative to others in your industry, which factors are strong indicators of success or failure, and what measures you can take to align your sales team with best practices. Read the report to learn more.

PCG Research - Conversica AI Auto Sales Assistant

PCG Research – Conversica AI Auto Sales Assistant

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