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Accelerate your sales cycle and scale your inside sales team on demand with sales acceleration software from Conversica that does the work of several sales development reps (SDRs). With friendly persistence, the sales assistant software uses artificial intelligence to independently reach out to leads via email, managing the back-and-forth of two-way conversations. It quickly identifies the best leads for your sales team, specifically the leads who have demonstrated intent to buy. Sales performance metrics and leads-at-risk help turn your sales organization into a high-velocity sales machine.

Your virtual sales assistant for sales acceleration

Accelerate the sales cycle

Give every one of your salespeople their own assistant for the time-consuming stages of the lead lifecycle: contacting, nurturing and qualifying leads

Fast, friendly follow-up

Every lead, every time. Friendly email follow-up of all your leads, no matter how many messages or how long it takes to make contact

Alert on hot leads

Your virtual sales assistant engages in live email conversations to discover the most qualified leads and alerts a sales rep to call and close the deal

Scale your team faster with a virtual sales assistant

Accelerate sales by providing your sales team with a virtual sales assistant to qualify leads for them

Beyond predictive analytics

Rather than guessing which leads are worth the time of your sales reps, Conversica’s virtual sales assistant asks them – with a human touch

Sales performance metrics

Track lead engagement, quality of lead sources, satisfaction with sales reps, leads-at-risk, and sales rep follow-up

We’ve tried predictive analytics tools, email automation tools and automated dialers, and frankly the amount of lift we got from all of those technologies combined was not as great as we’re getting from Conversica. Stu Schmidt, President, Zend Technologies

Smarter sales acceleration

Engage and qualify thousands of leads faster than an SDR

Conversica identifies the best leads by asking all of them – and they answer. Your automated sales assistant uses email to converse with leads, engaging and qualifying them via natural, two-way conversations. The AI software needs very little training, never takes a break, never gets discouraged and never calls in sick.

Most leads perceive the AI emails as coming from a friendly, helpful person

Simple messages elicit genuine responses. Most leads perceive the AI emails as coming from a real person, and they reply, revealing their level of interest, details about the purchasing decision, and the best time and number to reach them.

The automated sales assistant qualifies email leads independently

The automated sales assistant interprets the content and tone of responses to its emails and takes the next step, such as asking for the best phone number or best time to call, or stopping the conversation. Hot leads are sent to sales immediately as an alert.

Conversica updates Salesforce automatically

When Conversica reaches out to your leads via email, the lead engagement details are stored within the Salesforce record. Alerted to a hot lead, your sales rep can review the entire dialogue between Conversica and the lead, including when the messages were sent. Unlike humans, Conversica always remembers to update details of its lead interactions.

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