Sales Development Representative (SDR)

About the position

Conversica’s lead engagement software bridges the gap between marketing, inside sales and sales by improving the quality of leads assigned to reps, so they can focus on selling and closing qualified buyers. Using artificial intelligence, this industry-leading platform communicates in natural, two-way email conversations with leads, interprets each email response and alerts sales reps when interest changes to intent to buy.

We are a company of innovative and dedicated workers who have fun and work hard together to support our customers and create a product that has helped transact more than US$7.6 billion in sales. With an international presence and more than 7,500 sales professionals using Conversica, our company’s growth has been tremendous.

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We offer excellent benefits including insurance, 401K matching and competitive salaries. You’ll enjoy the fun of a startup and the security of knowing we’re backed by premier private equity firms.

Our superb employees work from offices in Foster City, California; Bellingham, Washington; Seattle, Washington; and Kansas City, Missouri.

Company Benefits

  • Matching 401(k) contributions (up to predetermined percent)
  • Comprehensive benefits including health, vision and dental
  • Paid holidays and “Take What You Need” time off policy and we have “FUN”

Conversica is seeking a Sales Development Manager.

You will have remarkable sales, negotiating, critical thinking and teamwork skills, and will be accountable for achieving the objectives set forth by Conversica management. In addition to growing our business, you will provide excellence in product knowledge and customer-friendly professionalism. The Sales Development Manager reports to the Vice President of Sales.


  • This person will be responsible for running the New Verticals (everything non-auto) outbound lead gen SDR team, in support of the New Verticals AE team.
  • SDR team engages in high-volume outbound cold-calling and emailing to technology companies, educational institutions, and insurance companies to uncover new opportunities for the AE team to engage. Focus is on setting up demos and discovery calls.
  • Will spend at least 1 week a month in Foster City, since they’ll manage both the SDR’s in FC and the SDR’s in KC. So needs to be able to travel at least 1 week per month.
  • Needs to be comfortable with managing people remotely.


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Passion for sales 2.0 technologies. Should love always deploying the latest and the greatest to keep competitive edge.
  • 4-year college degree required.
  • Deep experience in recruiting and managing front-line, high-volume outbound sales reps.
  • Numbers driven and highly competitive.
  • Needs to be strong with Excel, Google Docs, and SFDC.
  • Should love ringing the bell, gamification, team-building, etc. Cheerleader with love of winning.
  • Previous inside sales experience at Internet or technology vendor required.

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