You can call it what you want – Internet lead management, lead conversion, sales automation. Our name for it is Automated Virtual Assistant or AVA. Using artificial intelligence, AVA communicates with sales prospects to keep them engaged and connected to the sales team, so valuable leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Far more than outbound communications from customer relationship management (CRM) applications, email marketing programs or auto responders, AVA has the inherent intelligence to alert sales teams the minute a prospect goes from cold to hot. With AVA, sales teams can focus their efforts on selling and closing qualified customers that intend to purchase instead of chasing dead leads.

We are a company of innovative and dedicated workers who have fun and work hard together to support our customers and create a product that has helped transact more than US$7.6 billion in sales. With an international presence and more than 7,500 sales professionals using AVA, our company’s growth has been tremendous.

Better yet, we offer excellent benefits including insurance,401K matching and competitive salaries. You’ll enjoy the fun of a startup but the security knowing we’re backed by Kennet Partners, a premier private equity firm.