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Automation to shorten the sales cycle

Conversica’s sales conversion management software, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is the only automated software solution that can contact, engage, nurture, qualify and follow-up with leads without the need for human interaction. A custom persona nurtures leads from interest to opportunity via natural, two-way email exchanges. When a lead is ready to purchase, the sales conversion software alerts the sales representative automatically.

Conversica’s software is an essential piece of the marketing automation puzzle, complementing the CRM and marketing automation tools you already have. The Conversica sales conversion software works 24×7, engaging and qualifying thousands of inbound marketing leads in real time. Leads who receive a fast, personal response to an inquiry will have a more positive impression of your business, are more likely to become a customer and will likely be more satisfied with the sales experience.

How Conversica can help your enterprise

Automate the lead lifecycle through sales conversion

Conversica automatically contacts, engages, nurtures and qualifies leads so your sales team can focus their time on the leads most likely to convert into opportunities – saving hundreds of sales hours per year. Whether it takes one day, several weeks, or even months, Conversica never abandons a lead. The software expands the typical five-day lead lifecycle to a 24×7 email marketing campaign, spanning as much time as it takes to convert your leads into opportunities or disqualify them.

Engage and nurture leads from interest to intent

Leads that screen inbound calls and ignore autoresponder emails can make lead qualification difficult. Conversica’s automated persona converses with leads all day, every day, using lead-nurturing best practices for higher engagement. Lead response rates often reach 50 percent with Conversica sales conversion management software – far higher than the lead engagement rates of other marketing automation vendors and lead management vendors.

Audit lead sources

Identify, at a glance, the hot leads your sales representatives need to contact today – and where those leads are coming from. Conversica’s sales conversion management metrics give you unique insight into the performance and quality of lead sources, sales conversion rates and lead abandonment, so you can make better, more informed sales management decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars for the best sales and marketing ROI.

Sales analytics for performance insight

Conversica’s sales management analytics will show you where your sales team is doing well and where there may be opportunities for coaching. Plus, get customer feedback via email responses to Conversica. Sales management reports can be delivered directly to your inbox or smartphone, so you can benchmark your sales performance month-over-month, and see at a glance how your business is doing.

Are you ready to increase your sales opportunities? Contact us today, request a demo, or learn more about how Conversica works.