Offer Whiteglove Service for Your Digital Customers — With Conversational AI for Retail

Consumers today expect personalized experiences, highly tailored product recommendations, and easy digital shopping. But that’s just the baseline. To really ‘wow’ online retail customers, you need to offer personalized, end-to-end experiences that offer value and simplicity. Conversica AI Assistants support the entire buyer’s journey with real-time Q&A, guided shopping journeys, and thoughtful recommendations.


Talk Back: Two-Way, Multi-Channel Conversational AI for Digital-First Retail

Customers prefer self-service digital shopping. But when they want help, they expect prompt and relevant assistance. Don’t give them a clunky bot! Give them the attention they need with Conversational AI. Conversica AI Assistants offer tailored, personalized shopping experiences and promote brand loyalty with autonomous, two-way conversations that build relationships and drive revenue. Gain a competitive edge by communicating across multiple channels—email, SMS, and website chat—and support the better brand experience during and after the time of sale.


Meet Your Customers on Their Time

Whether in real-time or on the customer’s time, AI Assistants offer digital retail customers the 24/7 human-like interactions they crave. Conversica AI Assistants can communicate with customers in the moment via website chat. Or take the conversation further by leveraging two-way conversations over email and SMS.

Delight Every Customer With Human-Like, Two-Way Interactions

Help drive the next best action to acquire revenue by personalizing shopping experiences, answering questions, and delivering a human-like touch at scale. Conversica provides superior customer experiences by supporting real-time dialog to answer questions and get them to the information they desire, as well as the option to continue the dialog offline through SMS or email.


Encouraging Customer Loyalty and Expansion Is Easy With Conversational AI

Conversica AI Assistants support overall brand experiences beyond just shopping. Stay top of mind with proactive, AI-driven communications that encourage expansion and motivate brand advocates. Invite customers to events, preview new offerings, upsell/cross-sell products, encourage online reviews, and follow up to see how satisfied they are with their purchased product.


“Conversica’s virtual assistant has the persistence and yes, the personality, to break through and reach prospects. The assistant learns what conversations work and relentlessly tries to engage. Surprisingly, the assistant breaks through where human sales reps often did not.”

– Eric Dickmann, VP of Marketing, Sunview Software

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Make Customers Feel Special While Empowering Your Agents




Use AI Assistant-powered webchat to engage customers, answer common questions, and accelerate handraisers.



Product Usage

Leverage your AI Assistant to promote exclusive offers to pre-order or pre-purchase new products based on buying history.




Make tailored product recommendations based on recent interactions and purchases.


RENEW Existing


Send vital reminders about repeat purchases, annual subscriptions, renewals, and early notifications with Conversational AI.

See How Conversica AI Assistants Can Keep Your Customers Happy and Your Business Competitive


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