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Stop the Reduced-Resource Spiral

What if you could double, triple, even 10x your MQLs with the same or even fewer Marketing resources? AI-powered Conversation Automation makes recession proof marketing possible.

Let us show you how

Marketing During a Downturn

A downturn is looming. Resources are getting cut, discretionary budgets are disappearing. Marketing teams everywhere are staring down a seemingly impossible task: deliver the same number of truly qualified leads—or more!—to Sales, but do it with less.

This could be the start of a spiral. Marketing spend is reduced, the funnel flow slows, and revenue goes down, leading to another round of budget slashing. Rinse and repeat until we’re talking layoffs.

So how do you stop the spiral of reduced resources? What is a good strategy for marketing during a recession?

Deploy an AI team member and watch your funnel efficiency boom.

Triple Your ROI on Marketing Spend While Keeping Your Budget Flat

Example Demand Gen Budget WITHOUT AI


Example Demand Gen Budget

Monthly Program Spend: $30k

Redirect Portion of Monthly Spend to Conversica AI Assistant

Lead Follow-up Efficiency: 30%
Percentage with timely, persistent, consistent follow-up

Lead Follow-up Efficiency: 100%
Conversica AI Assistants autonomously engage 100% of your leads in personalized, prompt, persistent conversations, increasing quantity and quality of Sales-ready leads

Marketing-Generated Pipeline: $1M

Marketing-Generated Pipeline: $2.5M
Increase in lead follow-up leads to a linear increase in pipeline, even accounting for reduction in program spend.

Sales Close Rate: 20%

Sales Close Rate: 20%
Many Conversica customers see a significant increase in close rate due to increase in lead quality.

ARR Bookings from Marketing
Leads: $200k

ARR Bookings from Marketing
Leads: $500k

ROI from Marketing Spend: 5.7x
3-5x is a typical target

ROI from Marketing Spend: 16x

Same monthly spend, but adding a Conversica AI Assistant to the mix nearly triples the total return on investment for demand gen programs.

Want to see what Conversica can do to recession proof your Marketing team?


Stop the Reduced-Resource Spiral

Conversica AI Assistants for Marketing act as part of your team, autonomously engaging buyers at the top of the funnel with human-like, two-way conversations across email, SMS, and website chat.

Your AI Assistant communicates with all your leads, surfacing Sales-ready buyers faster and nurturing the rest through tailored dialog that guides prospects to the next step in the journey. With unlimited conversational capacity, Conversica AI Assistants for Marketing can take on the following activities at truly enterprise scale.

NOW is the time to recession-proof your Marketing team. Build your AI-powered workforce today.