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The™ platform: making conversational AI a reality

The™ platform is the backbone behind our range of AI assistants that automate your routine yet highly valuable conversations, at consistently high quality and higher throughput than humanly possible. Our AI assistants, powered by this platform, have dynamic human-like and personalized conversations, that dramatically improve the customer experience and drive better business outcomes. This automation frees your employees to focus on more complex, more productive and thus more enjoyable customer interactions, boosting employee effectiveness and satisfaction. The platform combines a sophisticated set of capabilities far beyond the simple back-and-forth dialog of a chat bot, the platform‘s artificial intelligence, automation, and integration technologies power the complex interactions that Conversica AI Assistants carry out with humans to achieve our customers’ business objectives.

Goal oriented and highly accurate

Our proprietary platform architecture and vast conversational library together form a highly effective system. You can rest assured that your AI assistant will have human-like conversations with customers, always working towards the best business outcomes.

Ready to Deploy

The platform powers talented AI Assistants that are trained and ready to go for rapid time to value. Customers can have their Conversica AI Assistants operational in as little as a week.

Easy to integrate

The platform has prebuilt and deep integrations with dozens of third party solutions, ensuring contextually aware and thus more meaningful and human-like conversations.

Designed by the best

Some of the best minds in the industry are behind the Conversica platform. Our in-house data science, engineering, and customer success teams are not only AI experts but also have deep domain knowledge in how humans converse in business.

Proven in the real world

Over a thousand companies trust Conversica assistants to engage tens of millions of people and enjoy proven business results.


The platform powers millions of conversations at any given time. Some of the largest enterprises rely on Conversica to engage with tens of thousands of their own prospects and customers.


The platform has passed the security reviews of many large enterprises. Conversica is committed to achieving and maintaining the trust of our customers. Integral to this mission is our robust security and privacy program that carefully considers data protection matters across Conversica’s suite of services.

Included with Every AI Assistant

The platform is an integral part of every AI Assistant and is provided to every Conversica customer.

Most AI companies use third-party libraries for conversational AI without much customization. We’ve taken a different approach with our platform and it shows. We combine the best natural language and machine learning capabilities with our own patented functionality in conversational management, process automation and systems integration, to deliver a powerful set of Autonomous Assistants that generate their own messages, read and understand responses, make appropriate business decisions and take the right workflow actions, all automatically. Dr. Sid J. Reddy, Chief Scientist, Conversica

Your platform drives highly effective conversations

Unique AI council approach driving superior performance

Our patent pending AI council approach to natural language processing combines many different classification algorithms, both third party and developed in house. This ensemble approach is future proof because we can add in new and better algorithms as they become available.

Continuous improvement for ever increasing accuracy

Our AI system gets smarter every day through pervasive self-improvement. Both human exception handling for the small amount of corner cases when the AI does not interpret a request correctly, and A/B testing of new responses help improve the overall accuracy of the platform.

Large training data set drives better models and unrivaled business benefits for customers

The Conversica system has been trained on hundreds of millions of interactions. The system uses machine learning and training of responses to improve accuracy and quality of AI. Every day, our data set grows as more and more customers use the system.

A proven methodology to create new conversation types

Starting on a conversational AI project with open source libraries is relatively easy. Making conversational AI work effectively for a given real world conversation is incredibly difficult. Our Conversations are expertly designed and crafted by subject matter experts in areas such as sales, marketing, service, customer success, and financial collections.

Natural conversation for higher engagement rates

Our NLG messages have different personalities, different grammar patterns, and the ability for designed improvisation using our phrase packages. This is crucial not only to avoid being flagged as spam, but also to increase the human-like feel of our back-and-forth conversations.

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  • Platform DatasheetLearn more about the powerful conversational AI platform that powers Conversica’s AI Assistants.

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