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Conversica will pay for your next User Group Meeting Raffle

Contest Rules

  1. Must be attending in-person the “Awesome People Party” at DF14 event on Sunday, October 12 to be eligible or attending the Dreamforce14 conference with a official full-conference registration badge. Must be an accredited and officially recognized User Group by and must be verified by Salesforce MVP program as an official group.
  2. Conversica will work with winner to schedule the date for the event to ensure Conversica can attend.
  3. Conversica will pay up to US$1,000 for sponsorship of said event.
  4. Winner assumes all risks, taxes, and fees associated with event and any and all liability for said event.
  5. Event must be held in the United States at a business appropriate and mutually agreeable venue. Conversica must participate in event and be able to send a minimum of 3 representatives.
  6. Conversica must be afforded a minimum of 5 minutes to do demo and be mentioned on pre-show communications and invitations as sponsor of the event.
  7. Conversica will notify winner within 30 days of drawing.
  8. Event must occur before February 2015.