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Our marketing virtual assistant reaches out to all your inbound marketing leads, engages them with dialogue, determines which ones are the best sales opportunities based on actual conversations, and alerts a sales rep to the best sales opportunities. The email marketing messages are automated but personalized at a much greater level and gather much more from leads than do autoresponders.

Save hundreds of hours

By nurturing and qualifying every inbound marketing lead until it converts to a real sales opportunity

Hand-off better leads

More than lead quantity, sales teams want higher-quality leads from marketing

Beyond lead scoring

Score based on stated intent-to-buy, not clicks and downloads

AI persistence

The marketing AI engines nurtures each inbound marketing lead for days or weeks or months – until a lead’s interest changes to intent to buy

Real conversations

AI messages appear to come from a real human and get replies – typically a 50 percent engagement rate

Timely, efficient lead hand-off

When the lead is ready for a sales call, the AI shares the entire dialogue, best number and time to call

A human persona on an automated marketing AI platform can respond to inbound marketing leads 24/7 and identify intent so that marketing hands off only the inbound marketing leads that show intent to buy and request to speak with a salesperson.

Convert more inbound marketing leads into sales opportunities with AI conversations

A new level of interaction with a automated sales assistant

Conversica takes a new approach to email marketing automation by adding artificial intelligence. Inbound marketing software with AI nurtures the relationship between the potential buyer and the enterprise. Personalization makes the difference between an email marketing message that is read and one that is not. AI technology makes the dialogue with an inbound marketing lead much more personal.

One-on-one conversations are colloquial and friendly

Conversica’s email marketing messages come from a automated sales assistant and appear as informal, text-based messages sent one-on-one. They are colloquial and friendly, and they don’t include links for recipients to click. Instead they are personalized with information provided earlier by the inbound marketing lead to solicit additional information.

A 35 percent response rate

Most marketing leads perceive Conversica’s automated sales assistant emails as coming from a real person and thus engage in the dialogue and reply naturally and in their own words. In fact, on average 35 percent of inbound marketing leads reply to Conversica’s emails. When the lead replies, the Conversica automated sales assistant collects the information and continues the conversation.

Unique and natural follow-up emails

Using the software’s artificial intelligence engine to interpret email responses and take action, Conversica will send unique and natural follow-up emails to elicit more information or alert sales that it’s time to contact the lead.

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