Personally Engage Your Fans at Scale With AI Assistants for the Sports, Media, and Entertainment Industry

Your fans are ready to get back into the action. Are you ready to engage them at scale? Create loyalty and drive participation with highly personalized digital engagement. Conversational AI helps sports, media, and entertainment companies make the most out of every opportunity. Whether engaging a single-ticket buyer or season ticket holder, Conversica AI Assistants makes it easier to deliver personalized messages to every fan and ultimately drive revenue.


Delight Your Fans and Drive Revenue With the Best in Conversational AI


Engage every fan with personalized messaging at scale.


Boost engagement rates with prompt, persistent, and personalized touches.


Foster lasting relationships with existing fans.


“The biggest problem we are solving is how to effectively hit everyone who has engaged with our product/team. Conversica has provided the platform to effectively work through thousands of folks that we do not have the bandwidth to reach out to. We have seen greater conversions and revenue generated from those leads that come from Conversica.”

-Alexandria Forbes, Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst at Phoenix Suns

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Digital-First Communications for Sports, Media & Entertainment

Your fans start their journey online. Meet your customers in the moment with omnichannel Conversational AI. Conversica AI Assistants promptly respond to inquiries with a personalized touch and continue to follow up until intent is determined. Whether engaging a one-time ticket buyer, a group request, or a season ticket holder-give your fans the attention they crave with Conversational AI for email, SMS, and website chat.

Empower Your Marketing and Sales Teams

Even when your fans are ready to go, your Sales team might not be prepared to meet demand. AI Assistants help accelerate opportunities with personalized, prompt, and persistent communications that always perform. Expand your Marketing and Sales teams’ capacity to engage leads and elevate handraisers with Conversational AI.


Garner Repeat Revenue From Your Fans

Turn a one-time attendee into a lifelong fan. Keep the conversation going with Conversational AI. Follow up with past ticket buyers and fans to motivate repeat sales, promote season tickets, and educate fans about hot deals.


Make the Most of Every Opportunity

Never let an interested fan go untouched, unnoticed, and unengaged again. Engage ticket buyers at the top of the funnel with human-like, two-way conversations from your omnichannel AI Assistant-and find more sales-ready fans.

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Promptly and Persistently Respond to Inquiries

Fans expect your attention. But only 6% of sports, media, and entertainment businesses consistently deliver prompt, persistent, and personalized messages to inquiries from their fans. Let an AI Assistant boost your engagement rate with fast, consistent, and personalized follow-ups regarding ticket sales.

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Keep Your Customers in the Loop and Coming Back

Your fans want to hear from you. Use your AI Assistant to keep them up to date with important updates, share notifications about upcoming events and deals, and prompt renewals from season-ticket holders.

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See Conversica AI Assistants in Action

“We have been using Conversica for about a month now and have been impressed by our early results. The engagement rate we have seen with our leads has been much higher than we expected.”
– Amanda S, Mid-Market Company in Sports

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Deliver Prompt, Persistent, and Personalized Outreach to All Your Fans

Meet customer expectations by delivering fast and unique responses to incoming inquiries. AI Assistants are your highest-performing coworker helping you do your best.

Find Out What Conversica AI Assistants Can Do For Your Entertainment Marketing, Sales, and Customer Teams

Want to identify interested buyers faster, accelerate opportunities, and retain/grow your fan base? Start today by requesting a demo of Conversica AI Assistants. See how Conversational AI can make all the difference by boosting capacity, driving higher engagement rates, and generating more revenue for your business.