Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024
Conversational AI Platform

The Only Conversational AI Platform Accelerating Revenue Across the Full Lifecycle

Conversica has a truly sophisticated Conversational AI Platform, battle-tested across billions of real-world interactions and more than a decade of experience.

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Over $100 Billion in Opportunity Revenue Unlocked
98% AI Accuracy Fueled by Billions of Interactions
1K+ Conversations Built & Continually Optimized
1.8 Mil Opportunities Generated by 10K RDAs
Why Conversica

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™:

Deliver Powerfully Human®️ Conversations at Scale

Leverage AI at every step of the process to deliver human-like conversational engagement to every lead, prospect and customer.

Provide Fastest Time-to-Value

Take advantage of our built-in AI and conversational design expertise to get up and running in hours and prove your ROI in weeks.

Leverage Existing Insights

Utilize insights from existing investments to improve personalization and customer experiences across the lifecycle.

Our Platform

The Conversational AI Platform That Does More

Conversica’s Conversational AI platform empowers our Revenue Digital Assistants to conduct dynamic, natural, human-like conversations.

Revenue Digital Assistant for Marketing
Revenue Digital Assistant for Sales
Revenue Digital Assistant for Customer Success
Proven Revenue-Hunting Skills

Library of skills & conversations built by Conversica, customized by you and optimized to uncover revenue.

Library of skills & conversations built by Conversica, customized by you and optimized to uncover revenue.

True Natural Language Processing

Powerfully Human conversations fueled by a unique combination of our intellectual property and state-of-the-art NLU & NLG models.

Powerfully Human RDAs are so much more than a simple bot following a script, they are intelligent enough to perceive, understand, decide, act and learn, autonomously.

Context Switching on the Fly

Outcome-driven, omnichannel & multilingual conversations enriched through integrations across the lifecycle.

Outcome-driven, omnichannel & multilingual conversations enriched through integrations across the lifecycle.

Uncover revenue across the lifecycle
Empower Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to uncover untapped revenue through meaningful conversations at every point in the customer lifecycle.
Hard work done for you
The only solution supported by self-learning AI models and a dedicated team of data scientists and conversation specialists constantly monitoring, refining and optimizing the models and conversations.
Ready-to-go conversations
See value in weeks, not months with 1K prebuilt, trained and optimized conversations and a variable-based conversation architecture that is easy to configure.
Amplify existing tech investments
Seamlessly integrate into existing tech stack (CRM, MAP, CSP, ABM) to trigger actions, segment contacts and enrich each conversation.
Communication Channels
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Supported Languages
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Platform Capabilities

What Makes Our Conversational AI Platform Industry-Leading

Revenue Digital Assistants provide revenue teams unparalleled scalability by automatically engaging each contact with the right information, at the right time, via the right channel and language.

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Natural Language Processing

What sets Conversica apart is our use of NLU and NLG at every step of the process; taking action on business triggers, identifying the right use case, dynamically generating responses and autonomously taking the next best action.

Natural Language Processing is made up of Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation and Business Processes
Conversation Management Icon

Conversation Management

Conversica’s conversation management architecture supports hyper-segmentation and personalization at scale, incorporating business inputs and preferences to easily customize every aspect of the engagement.

Conversica Variable Based Conversation Editor allows clients to define the business variables once that are used to dynamically generate hundreds of variations in each of the exchanges
Omni Channel Multi Language Image

Omni Channel & Multi-Language

Revenue Digital Assistants dynamically shift between 9 languages across email, chat and SMS to provide the human-like experience that entices engagement and delivers the experience prospects expect.

Support email, SMS and Web Chat across 9 languaged
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With dozens of native integrations and a robust Conversica API, you can rest assured your Revenue Digital Assistant can ingest, enrich and action data in your existing tech stack.

Conversica Integrates with over 50 applications

Reports & Analytics

A variety of reports to keep an eye on the performance of each conversation, campaign and RDA. Continually improve engagement and track how revenue teams are converting the Conversation Qualified leads generated.

Conversica Dashboard to view performance and take action on hot leads - Conversational Ai Platform

Built on the Five Pillars of Intelligence

Conversica’s platform powers the 5 Pillars of Intelligence and forms the foundation of our Revenue Digital Assistants’ unprecedented accuracy and two-way, personalized engagements.


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Revenue Digital Assistants monitor for key business triggers and database additions and dynamically route each contact to the most appropriate conversation.


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With over 50 intent models, Revenue Digital Assistants understand complex exchanges, respond to non-standard requests and determine the next best action.


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Revenue Digital Assistants are 98% accurate. They know when to continue the conversation, when a contact is ready to talk to a rep, when a lead needs further assistance and even when it's time to stop messaging an uninterested contact.


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Revenue Digital Assistants leverage the client dataset, contact and account insights to autonomously execute the next best action. RDAs answer questions, provide the right resources and update the system of record.


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Revenue Digital Assistants are informed by self-learning AI models derived from a billion human interactions spanning over a decade. RDAs get smarter each day, constantly improving with machine learning and deep learning.

The Conversica Difference

Want Results? The Platform Matters

Conversica is the only solution supported by self-learning AI models fueled by billions of human interactions spanning more than a decade.

Conversica: Innovative AI, Fastest Time to Value

Trained to have standard conversations and smart enough to respond to non-standard requests

A series of two-way interactions that assist contacts in their journey while driving the desired outcome

Uses data & insights from multiple sources to dynamically segment & construct relevant dialog

Set up & maintenance is turn-key with 1K+ conversations that are customized in just minutes

Everyone Else: Extensive Time Investment, Limited Impact

Leans on humans to respond to anything out of the ordinary, derailing the conversation

Reacts to the initial engagement with a predefined response and then abandons the exchange

Segmentation & personalization is limited by the capacity to create conversations from scratch

Significant time investment (more than your nurture campaigns) for each conversation you deploy

Security and Privacy

Conversica is committed to maintaining the trust of our customers. We recognize that trust is built on transparency and earned with experience. Since our founding in 2007, we have provided Conversational AI solutions from a SaaS platform designed to protect the data which our customers entrust to us. We have also built service features to help our customers better meet consumer privacy expectations and comply with applicable law. Highlighted data protection safeguards and compliance-enabling service features include:

SOC 2 Type II compliant

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant

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G2 users love our platform
G2 users love our platform
G2 users love our platform
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