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Conversational AI Solutions for Customer Success Leaders

Let’s be real, another tool isn’t going to help your CSMs handle their ballooning account list. They need HELP. Give your team a digital assistant that can monitor & engage accounts, uncover critical data, and set up meetings.

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Conversica Value

Elevate Every Experience to Build Loyalty & Drive Growth

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Give CSMs Time Back in Their Day

Remove the routine and tedious tasks & focus on high-value, meaningful & proactive engagement

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Personal Touch at Scale

Consistently engage every customer in meaningful conversations at the right time with the right insights

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Manage Health & Drive Growth Proactively

Open line of communication to address issues early before they affect retention & initiate growth discussions

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Maximize Every Revenue Opportunity

Don’t just wait for renewals: continuously encourage product adoption, share best practices & gauge interest in expansion

Drive Retention & Adoption

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Start renewals early, confirming contact info & contract details, answering questions & driving required actions
  • Monitor & immediately engage accounts at the earliest signs of trouble, uncovering the issue and setting time with the CSM
  • Promote increased adoption through best practices and consistent account reviews
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Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

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Targeting At-Risk Accounts Before Missed Renewals

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Kicking Off and Managing Renewal Conversations

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Scheduling Reviews on a Predefined Cadence

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Acting as an Onboarding Concierge

Capitalize on Every Expansion Opportunity

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Proactively communicate the latest advancements, positioning the unique value to each client based on account insights
  • Share customer successes to show the value and opportunity of expanding product usage
  • Uncover promoters and maximize their value by encouraging online reviews and case studies that tout results.
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Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Tailoring Product Announcements

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Expanding Product Usage

Winning Back Former Customers

Encouraging Online Reviews

Added Bandwidth & Capacity

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Augment the team to provide EVERY customer the personalized touch that drives account health & builds advocates
  • Have the brains to hold meaningful conversations & be trusted to complete tasks on behalf of CSMs
  • Monitor & proactively engage customers in two-way conversations to uncover insights and drive action
Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants work along side your CSMs taking on the routine and repetitive tasks freeing CSMs to concentrate on the strategic activities

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Scaling Two-Way Engagement to all Accounts

Autonomously Initiating & Executing Tasks

Continuously Monitoring & Initiating Outreach

Insightful & Relevant Dialog

The Conversica Difference

Give CSMs a Tireless Assistant

You need an assistant that executes tasks on your team's behalf, freeing up time to focus on building strategic relationships and taking a proactive approach with key accounts.

Conversica: An Assistant Who Executes and Collaborates

Smart enough to construct the most relevant exchanges and deliver them at the right time, across any channel

Does more than check interest: cultivates and qualifies opportunities on your behalf

Uses data & insights from to automatically trigger outreach with the goal of having a dialog and driving action

Simple to set up: no need to build & maintain complex cadences, just define variables & set up a contact list

Other Solutions: Tool to be Managed with Limited Efficiencies

Leans on humans to respond to anything out of the ordinary, derailing the conversation

Reacts to the initial engagement with a predefined response and then abandons the exchange

Don’t integrate with CS tools so humans must monitor and trigger actions

Significant time investment (more than your nurture campaigns) for each conversation you deploy


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