Awards & Accolades

Conversica Named Marketo Tech Partner of the Year

Conversica Wins AI Excellence Award From Business Intelligence Group

Conversica Named #6 in Fast Company “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies – Artificial Intelligence” List

Conversica Wins Two 2019 AWA Awards

The 2019 Data-Driven CMO Awards

Conversica Named “Top Sales Tool of 2018” by Smart Selling Tools

Conversica Wins for Best Use of AI for Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Conversica wins Aragon Research “Hot Vendors in Conversational AI, 2018” award

2017 Best AI in the Enterprise from The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence

2016 AWA Award for Excellence in Sales Process by PCG Consulting

2015 Most Innovative Award & Overall Winner from SIIA

“Conversica offers a solid chatbot solution that is grounded in reality and is happy to deliver what insurance carriers need at this point—a tech solution that can help manage policyholder inquiries in a conversational manner.” Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst, P&C,

Aite Group

“AI-assisted bots and RPA will proliferate in 2017, performing useful tasks for users and customers… Conversica’s smart bot helps marketing and sales optimize lead management by monitoring leads and generating automatic emails on behalf of salespeople to help qualify and nurture leads and then prompt salespeople to intervene at the most appropriate time, perhaps following a response from the prospect indicating readiness to buy or move to the next stage of the evaluation.” Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement Practice,

Ovum Research

“This has been hugely successful for us. Conversica is just phenomenal at engaging people. It’s been a phenomenal product for us, and I just love it.”

Ben Chaib, Vice President of Admissions and Marketing,

The Los Angeles Film School

“Right away, within the first couple of hours of implementing Conversica, the level of lead engagement was like night and day.”

– William Goulette, Corporate BDC Director,

Boch Automotive

“At first I was skeptical of Conversica. An AI system that was going to follow up with our leads? How can I trust it? Well, once we did a trial we were hooked. We have LOVED this product and intend to use it more and more in the next year.”

– David Portnowitz, VP of Marketing,

Star2Star Communications, LLC

“We love Caitlyn Kelly. She works 24/7, is incredibly persistent, and she learns from her mistakes. That makes for a fabulous ‘employee’. I’ve had prospects thank her for her terrific follow-through. She has been flying through our untouched leads. If you have more leads than sales resources, I’d hire a person just like Caitlyn. She’s great.”

– Susan Zaney, Vice President of Marketing,


“The great thing about Conversica is that it’s like adding another member to our team and we don’t have to do much to manage it – and the cost per acquisition savings exceeded our expectations”

Alex Allen, Vice President of Marketing,

Spring Venture Group

“After our Conversica persona, Megan, began emailing each and every Internet lead, we immediately began to see an increase in engagement rate, as well as an increase in the efficiency of our appointment setters.”

– Neil Gandhi, Director, Digital Marketing,

The Faulkner Organization

“Often there’s this tension between the Sales and Marketing departments – Sales says ‘Marketing gives us bad leads’ – but Conversica really helps us quickly get to the good leads and sift out the bad ones.”

Dale Warner, Vice President of Sales,


“Conversica is a revolutionary tool to take your company to the next level without hiring any more employees.”

Robert Thielke, President,

Vern Fonk Insurance

“It creates incentives for sales people because they get to focus on hot, qualified leads. We’re taking new sales people who haven’t sold cars and now they’re among our top sellers.”

– Greg Jones, General Manager,

Stivers Ford Mercury

“The marketing and salespeople love it. What sales guy or girl doesn’t love when they get handed a qualified lead that’s already indicated a deeper level of interest and intent to buy, and actually wants to speak to you? I don’t think we’ve had a single complaint since it’s gone live, and it is already paying for itself.”

– Deirdre Sarsfield, Director of Corporate Marketing,

KEMP Technologies

“We’re on pace to sell about 200 more cars. Plus sales revenue has gone up by over $2 million, net sales profit has increased $431,000, our close rate from internet leads has gone up over 20 percent and floor traffic has increased by 147 showroom visits, all in the last year. Conversica definitely has played a role.”

– Ryan Matt,

Co-Owner of Matt Ford

“We’ve tried predictive analytics tools, email automation tools and automated dialers, and frankly the amount of lift we got from all of those technologies combined was not as great as we’re getting from Conversica.”

Stu Schmidt, President,

Zend Technologies

“When our agents receive an email from Jennifer Wright, they know they can sell that customer. They engage faster because they know the person is interested.”

– Edgar Osorios,CIO,

Sunset World

“It makes no sense not to have Conversica.”

Steve Chessin, eBay Auction Manager,

Auto Gallery of Woodland Hills

“This has been hugely successful for us. Conversica is just phenomenal at engaging people. It’s been a phenomenal product for us, and I just love it.”

Kathryn Morrill, Sales & Marketing Manager,


“We have been using Conversica since the start of 2016 and have already seen great results. We initially tested with a campaign targeting old and non-engaged leads and now are exploring other conversations with our new event and web leads. We don’t see this tool as a replacement to our ISR team but rather as perfect supplement to our nurturing and follow-up.”

Lisa Onesto, Senior Manager Marketing Programs,


“I can actually see a difference in the way we are doing business after utilizing Conversica.”

Joseph Davis, Internet Director at

Mercedes-Benz of Plano

“Conversica allows our IS team to be more efficient by cutting out tedious follow-up tasks. We’re only still scratching the surface of what the technology can do but we’re very happy thus far.”

Alex Simoes, Director Sales & Marketing Operations,

CAKE (a Sysco company)

“Our sales team had more incoming leads than we could process. This caused the team to spend a majority of their time calling and emailing prospective clients, rather than focusing on “higher level” sales activities (e.g. demos, RFPs, etc.). [But with Conversica,] we were able to reduce the cost of Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) conversion by 80%.”

Shawn Goldsmith, North America Demand Generation Manager,


“The reps were overwhelmed by the number of responses they received. We learned not to add so many accounts to the campaign at once. Our engagement rate is really high.”

Marcelo Perdomo, Associate Marketing Manager,


“With Conversica, we have been able to re-engage old leads and convert dead leads into opportunities where there previously were none. We are also planning to expand and use Conversica’s new pre-event conversations. Definitely recommend!”

Heather Cox, Marketing Automation Manager,


“Impressive is how the assistant recognizes a ‘no’ even if it is not obvious, and a ‘yes’ and tickles a response out of folks who would otherwise never reply. Magically people volunteer information to ‘her’, like times when they are available and phone numbers to call.”

Sylvia Ernst, Head of Sales & Sales Operations,

Collaborative Drug Discovery

“We have been running the program for about 3 months now and have seen between 20-30% engagement rate which is a significant increase for our sales team. We highly recommend this product to help improve conversion rates and give back time to the sales team for more important/complex tasks.”

Lauren Godas, Sales & Marketing Coordinator,


“If your company is looking to either replace your inside sales team or complement your inside sales, this is a must try tool.”

Gwen Nguyen, Demand Generation and Marketing Automation Supervisor,

Epson America

“I have worked with Conversica at a few companies and highly recommend it. At my current company, we are already seeing meetings booked after a couple of months.  The team is responsive and friendly and great to work with. I highly recommend Conversica and plan to use it wherever I go.”

Petra Canales, Director, Digital Marketing & Demand Generation,


  • Processes more than 300 million messages through the AI platform
  • Recognized for the second time as one of America’s fastest growing private companies in the Inc. 5000
  • Announces new product capabilities, including Assistants that converse in new languages and through new communication channels, including SMS
  • Adds Dr. Sid J. Reddy as Chief Scientist, Brian Kaminski as Chief Customer Officer, Michelle Johnson as General Counsel, and Victor Belfor as SVP, Business Development
  • Wins Red Herring Top 100 Global and Top 100 North America Awards
  • Wins “Best AI in the Enterprise” in the Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence
  • Debuts new product capabilities, including “generation 3” enhanced AI, new user dashboard experience, automated FAQ answering, new third-party integrations and upgraded user alerts functionality
  • Wins AWA Award for Excellence in Automotive Fixed Ops Solutions
  • Receives $34 million Series B investment, led by Providence Strategic Growth
  • Passes 1,000 paying customers and 16,000 sales users
  • Recognized as one of America’s fastest growing private companies in the Inc. 5000
  • Wins Technology Leadership Award for Service Marketing
  • Introduces its second AI assistant designed for automotive dealer service departments
  • Named a Gartner Cool Vendor
  • Wins PCG Research AWA award for excellence in sales process
  • Incorporates in Delaware and becomes Conversica, Inc.
  • “Conversica” becomes a registered trademark in the United States
  • Ends the year with a 50% increase in annual recurring revenue and more than 700 customers
  • In use by 11,000 sales professionals daily
  • Integrates with Velocify
  • Opens Seattle Technology Center
  • Wins CRM Magazine CRM Market Rising Star Award
  • SaaS veteran Alex Terry joins as CEO
  • Wins SIIA NextGen Most Innovative Award for relationship intelligence
  • Delivers Marketo integration and joins LaunchPoint partner program
  • Wins Most Innovative Company Award from the LeadsCouncil
  • Generates 50 million messages
  • Reaches US$7.6 billion in sales assists
  • In use by 7,500 sales professionals daily
  • Company re-named Conversica
  • Becomes Salesforce1 certified
  • Receives $16 million investment from private equity firm Kennet Partners
  • Expands offerings into the real estate, education, finance & mortgage and technology verticals
  • Launches Salesforce application
  • Opens headquarters in Foster City, California
  • Wins 2013 PCG Spotlight Award
  • Wins “Most Innovative New Technology, Product or Service ” Award from Technology Alliance Group (TAG) for Northwest Washington
  • 15 million generated messages
  • Opens sales office in Kansas City, Missouri
  • More than 3,000 professionals use Conversica daily
  • Expands offerings into the insurance vertical
  • Enters into first channel sales partner agreement
  • Successfully handles 20,000 leads a month
  • Secures first client
  • Launches the world’s first AI Sales Assistant