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Give Your Telecom Customers a Personal Touch

Your Sales & Service reps are pulled in too many directions. Conversica works with your team to ease their communication burden while providing 1:1 personalized experiences for your customers.

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RDA for Telecom
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Conversica Value

Always-On Engagement for Every Lead & Customer

Extend Your Reach

Connect with every lead and customer through timely, relevant, personalized dialog that drives action

Conversations on the Go

Adapt to customer preferences and seamlessly shift between webchat, email and SMS in 9 languages.

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Proactively Increase Value, Reduce Churn

Deliver excellent care and motivate product usage to retain and grow customers.

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Add Capacity & Keep Reps Happy

Free your team from routine & tedious tasks so they can focus on building relationships and growing value.

Prompt Follow-Up Captures New Customers

Revenue Digital Assistants™:

  • Promptly send personalized follow-up to every inquiry so no lead gets missed
  • Engage leads in meaningful, two-way dialog on the channel they choose: email, webchat and SMS
  • Answer questions immediately to strike while the iron is hot
Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants have conversations with every lead in your funnel, increasing velocity and uncovering hand raisers

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

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Authentic Webchat Engagement

Cultivating New Interest

Reigniting Waning Interest

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Promoting Relevant Offers & Events

Add Capacity and Consistency to Sales Teams

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Quickly and consistently follow up on every lead, not just the ones reps like most
  • Confirm interest, validate fit and answer common questions to clear the clutter before engaging Sales
  • Free Sales reps of the routine and repetitive tasks they don’t like doing anyway
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Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Engaging Inbound Demand

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Targeted Outbound Motions

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Reactivating Unresponsive Prospects

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Winning Back Customers

Proactive Communication to Drive Retention & Growth

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Monitor accounts for events or patterns that might indicate potential churn & intervene
  • Leverage insights to target the right customer at the right time with the right incentive to expand
  • Automate routine conversations and empower your Service reps to focus on building relationships
Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants proactively engage with customers to communicate changes on accounts, initiate renewals, drive customer adoption and so much more

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Proactive Announcements

Autonomously Answering Questions

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Renewing & Expanding Existing Accounts

Onboarding New Customers

The Conversica Difference

Don’t Trust a Simple Bot: Expertise and Experience Matter

Deliver the best experience AND get the best results with Conversica's AI-powered RDAs. Human enough to have authentic conversations and act autonomously, no intervention required.

Conversica: Powerfully Human®️ Experience, No Expertise Required

Trained to have standard conversations and smart enough to respond to non-standard requests

A series of two-way interactions that assist leads and customers while driving the desired outcome

Uses insights from multiple sources to dynamically segment & have meaningful conversations

Set up & maintenance is turn-key with 1K+ conversations that are customized in just minutes

Everyone Else: Extensive Time Investment, Limited Impact

Leans on humans to respond to anything out of the ordinary, derailing the conversation

Reacts to the initial engagement with a predefined response and then abandons the exchange

Segmentation & personalization is limited by the capacity to create conversations from scratch

Significant time investment to create and maintain each conversation you deploy


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