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The Economist and the “Intelligent Workforce” by Kate Tran    October 27, 2016
Artificial Intelligence - shared roles between human and bot
AI’s contributions to the transformation of society? Ten times faster and 300 times the scale of the Industrial Revolution.

“The biggest challenge business leaders will face is in combining human and automated roles and responsibilities effectively, and giving human employees opportunities to use their own natural strengths.” Leslie Willcocks, co-author or Service Automation: Robots and the Future of Work. It’s hard to miss the words, “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI” in the headlines lately. TeslaRead more

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How To Ace Your Next Dreamforce Presentation by Kate Tran    October 20, 2016

Businessman Addressing Delegates At Conference

What’s the secret ingredient to public speaking? We’ll turn to Chris Anderson, the creator of TED Talks, as he breaks down what it takes to really connect, and inspire your audience.

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Why Did Mammals Survive and Dinosaurs Didn’t? by Kate Tran    October 14, 2016
Why did mammals survive and dinosaurs did not?
Is that a Sauroposeidon or a Pterodactylus?

Before we get into that, let’s first talk about how Netflix became the hot girl in the room while Blockbuster got pushed to the nosebleed section. Or how Facebook excitedly jumped on the social bandwagon and took off with flying colors, buggy whip in hand…as Friendster quickly became an artifact on the web? Or howRead more

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5 Must-See Events at the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit by Kate Tran    
Conversica is coming to the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit!
Time to get fabulous with sales and marketing!

It’s almost here! The 2016 CEB Sales and Marking Summit  (Oct 18-20th) will be in Las Vegas next week and we have the scoop on which events you don’t want to miss. Tell us your needs, and we’ll show you the way… 1. You want more content, but you want to do it the rightRead more

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Two October Summits Every Sales and Marketing Professional Should Climb by Kate Tran    

Conversica will be at the CEB Sales and Marketing Sumit and the B2B Marketing Forum

Conversica will be attending two important sales and marketing summits in October, the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit and Marketing Prof’s B2B Marketing Forum

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