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Conversational AI Solutions for Higher Education

Applicants & current students need a 1:1 touch to help them along their academic journey. Attract the right applicants, drive enrollment, and start them off on the right foot.

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Conversica Value

Engage Students Before & After Enrollment

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Timely & Relevant Responses Pay Off

Respond to every prospect immediately with helpful dialog to capture their attention before another institution does.

Personal Touch That Stands Out

Support each student throughout their journey with humanlike, personalized dialog across webchat, email and SMS.

Drive Student Engagement

Stay on top of activities that drive academic success and encourage extracurricular engagements.

Deliver Administrators Needed Support

Automate 1:1 conversations so Administrators can focus on what they do best: connecting with students.

Attract Interest & Support Application Process

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Quickly respond to prospective student inquiries, answering questions & driving the next step in the process
  • Keep track of key dates and activities to stay on top of the enrollment cycle
  • Encourage participation in admission events and gauge interest in scheduling school visits

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Capturing & Cultivating Interest

Engaging Applicant Requests

Accelerating Undecided Applicants

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Reactivating Dormant Applicants

Start New Students Off Right

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Facilitate the enrollment process, ensuring all paperwork is completed & registration is done
  • Build awareness of the services available, answering questions and driving active engagement
  • Drive attendance to new student events and encourage participation
Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants provide an onboarding concierge for new students helping them understand services available and driving them to activities of interest

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Welcoming New Students

New Student Orientation

Promoting New Student Services

Driving Student Success

Keep Students Engaged, Creating Happy Alumni

Revenue Digital Assistants:

  • Monitor success & proactively reach out to schedule time with an advisor if attendance drops or grades fall
  • Encourage use and participation in services and activities students have signed up for
  • Keep students aware of what’s happening on and off campus with new activity & group announcements
Conversica keeps students up to date on organizations and activities to drive engagement

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

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Expanding Program & Resource Awareness

Driving Student Success

Driving Registration in Organizations

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Collecting Student Feedback

The Conversica Difference

Don’t Trust a Simple Bot: Expertise and Experience Matter

Deliver the best experience AND get the best results with Conversica's AI-powered RDAs. Human enough to have authentic conversations and act autonomously, no intervention required.

Conversica: Powerfully Human®️ Experience, No Expertise Required

Trained to have standard conversations and smart enough to respond to non-standard requests

A series of two-way interactions that assist applicants and students while driving the desired outcome

Uses interest, enrollment and activity insights to have meaningful conversations with students

Set up & maintenance is turn-key with 1K+ conversations that are customized in just minutes

Everyone Else: Extensive Time Investment, Limited Impact

Leans on humans to respond to anything out of the ordinary, derailing the conversation

Reacts to the initial engagement with a predefined response and then abandons the exchange

Segmentation & personalization is limited by the capacity to create conversations from scratch

Significant time investment to create and maintain each conversation you deploy


Insights for Admissions & Student Success

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