Scale Personalized Experiences for Higher Education That Put Students First

Education is a journey. Helping your students along the way requires personalized attention. But do you have the resources to meet the needs of every student or applicant? Conversica AI Assistants for Higher Education scale two-way, personalized communications that attract applicants, acquire enrollments, and grow relationships with students along the way.


Keeping Students Engaged Has Never Been Easier

Conversica AI Assistants promptly engage prospective students and applicants the moment they express interest—and continue the conversation politely and persistently until they are ready to speak with your Admissions team. Additionally, Conversational AI keeps your existing students on track with the personalized attention they need to continue their education and graduate.


“Conversica allows myself and my direct supervisor to assist our admissions team in honing in on those students most likely to enroll, making their efforts on the phone the most effective with the least amount of time wasted..”

– Administrator in Higher Education

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Offer Every Applicant a Personalized Touch

Unengaged, unnoticed, or untouched applicants result in lower enrollment. Make the most of every opportunity by offering every prospective student a personalized touch at scale. Deliver a personal touch early and often to help guide applicants towards the right decision. Drive deeper engagement with AI Assistants.


Augment Your Admissions Team With Conversational AI

Get the right students, in the right program, at the right time. AI Assistants automate personalized communications with prospects so your Admissions team can focus on building rapport with highly interested applicants. Conversational AI supercharges your team, resulting in better experiences for students and staff.

Ensure Your Students Are Getting the Support They Need

Enrollment is just the beginning. Keep your students on course to graduation with AI Assistants. Autonomously check-in with students to see if they need support and elevate handraisers to the attention of a staff member. Our AI Assistants provide the scale and personalization necessary to ensure every student is given the proper attention.


Embrace AI to More Efficiently, Attract, Engage and Enroll the Right Students for Your Institution

AI Assistants for Higher Education help manage applicant flow by following up with students throughout their decision process. Discover how Conversational AI is changing the higher education admissions space to deliver a unique applicant experience.

Offer Personalized Experiences from First Impressions to Enrollment and Through Graduation

Deliver a Personalized Experience for Every Applicant

Conversica AI Assistants can contact every prospective student across multiple channels with a personalized, human-like touch. Our Conversational AI interprets responses and accelerates handraisers to an enrollment officer.

Continue the Conversation Until Graduation

Digital-transformation projects are still in full swing. Leverage Conversational AI to meet customers across channels on their terms without stretching thin your employees.

Find Out What Conversica’s AI-Driven Admissions Software Can Do For Your School

Are you ready to give your applicants all the attention they need to make the right decision? Looking to deliver personalized messages to keep your students on track? Request a demo to learn how adding a Conversica AI Assistant to your Admissions team increases top-line growth, drives higher engagement rates, and ultimately generates more revenue for your institution.