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Stand out with a GPT-powered webchat experience that leaves visitors happy and eager to continue the engagement in email and text

Chatbot Experience Survey
What buyers expect from webchat
Why GPT-Powered Chat Matters

Robotic & Inadequate Responses Frustrate Customers

Scripted & predefined exchanges won’t cut it anymore

Early handoffs to employees drain resources

NLU and NLG required for authentic exchanges

Conversica uses the full power of Generative AI to deliver the most authentic web exchanges, collecting insights to continue the conversation offline

A scripted experience that forces visitors down a predefined path turning them off and shutting down any continued conversations


of contacts can't find answers to simple questions so they turn to a chat bot. But,


of users are dissatisfied with the scripted chat bots

Elevated Experience

Conversica Chat, Now with Contextual Response Generation

The Conversica Chat experience just got even better. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology enhances the end user experience with smarter and more human-like dynamic exchanges that represent your brand.

and Authentic

Retain context while answering complex, multi-part questions in a Powerfully Human exchange that captures leads conversationally with perfect timing.

Smart and Helpful Resource

Highly trained to provide the specific answers, assets and actions visitors request without burdening your team.

Secure and Brand Accurate

Trained on clients' brand and supported by a variety of models designed to protect against hallucinations and bias.

Continuity Beyond the Website

Continue the conversation via email or SMS, cultivating and converting interest into Conversation Qualified leads

The Power of GPT Chat

Stand Out From the First Engagement

Ensure the webchat experience endears a visitor to your brand and empowers continued engagement by an RDA on multiple channels across the customer journey

Support Their Journey

Don't try and predict what a visitor will need, support their path - answer questions, provide resources & connect them with agents at the right point
  • Give web visitors an authentic and meaningful experience that stands out
  • Support their journey don’t define it with a scripted or rigid engagement
  • Dynamic engagement provides helpful resources, capturing data & insights along the way
Conversica seamlessly shifts from chat to email or text, allow you to capture a leads interest and cultivate it until it becomes conversation qualified
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Omni-Channel and Multi-Language

High Value Can Be Painless

Conversica takes the operational burden off your team, simply provide a a client specific data set for RDAs to learn
  • No complex workflows or picklist to set up and maintain, trained just like any other team member
  • RDAs learn your business & engage with visitors on a full range of topics, dynamically and autonomously
  • Continuously learning and improving - with proactive suggestions to expand the dataset
Conversica's Revenue Digital Assistants have the ability to perceive, understand, decide, act and learn all autonomously. See the benefits of natural language processing in conversational ai.
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Natural Language Processing

Clear the Clutter

Don’t mistake a question with the desire to talk with a rep, burdening sales with low-quality web leads - Let your RDA Conversation Qualify each lead
  • Answer questions, locate resources & cultivate a lead - both online and offline - until they are ready for the next step
  • Quickly respond to just about any question, collecting data and insights along the way
  • RDAs are the first line of defense allowing reps to focus on highest quality leads and engagements
Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants engage each inbound lead confirming interest and validating fit so the sales rep doesn't have too
Meet Your Revenue Digital Assistant
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Enterpise-Grade: Don’t Settle for Less

With ChatGPT & Generative AI solutions creating buzz, you need a solution that drives the desired business outcome and has guardrails to minimize risk.
  • Consider governance. Orgs want to control brand-sensitive information & deliver predefined answers to specific questions in highly regulated environments.
  • Deliver brand knowledge. Conversica chat is trained on client-specific data to ensure visitors get answers specific to your brand— not generic responses or worse, info about competitors.
  • Carry the conversation beyond the chat window. Capture interest and seamlessly transition to email or text until contacts are Conversation Qualified.
  • Drive business outcomes. Helpful responses are not the only objective. Capture leads to cultivate and drive conversion.
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Make chat enterprise-ready
The Conversica Difference

Experience is King - Authentic Conversations Matter

If your responses are robotic, fail to answer questions adequately, or can’t deliver on a request, customer experiences suffer.

Conversica: Powerfully Human - Dynamic & Adaptable

The only solution to use both NLU & NLG to hold truly human-like, dynamic and meaningful conversations

Uses the power of AI to understand intent, generate responses and identify appropriate answers

Understand free-form responses, dynamically generate tailored exchanges and autonomously take action

More than a point-in-time engagement, RDAs build rapport across the customer journey

Simple Bots: Frustrating Experience - Scripted & Robotic

Relies on pick lists and scripts that force contacts down a predefined journey.

Understand basic sentiment, just enough to ensure you stay on the scripted path.

Simple requests require intervention slowing the engagement or abandoning the exchange.

Designed to accomplish what the client wants, not the customer leading to a unsatisfying experience.

The Power of AI

Chatbots Aren’t Fooling Anyone

If it’s not armed with NLP, it’s not real AI. There’s a world of difference between our Powerfully Human conversations and a dumb bot. Swipe through the conversation below to see the difference

Conversica Chat

Dumb Chatbot

No pesky pick lists…. Just ask a question

No way to ask a question — forced down a predefined path

Visitor defines their journey, RDAs are here to support any request

Visitor has to respond four times before they have the opportunity to ask a question

Captures lead data and personalizes the exchange

Only way to get help is to provide an email and talk to a human

No pesky pick lists…. Just ask a question

Visitor defines their journey, RDAs are here to support any request

Captures lead data and personalizes the exchange

No way to ask a question — forced down a predefined path

Visitor has to respond four times before they have the opportunity to ask a question

Only way to get help is to provide an email and talk to a human

Demo Video
See Conversica NLP in action
Watch a live demo of our cutting edge Natural Language Generation capabilities starting with chat, progressing into email and ending in SMS.
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Frequently asked questions

How is the Revenue Digital Assistant™ able to have a natural two-way interaction?

The core value of Converisca’s Assistants is their ability to engage in conversation with leads. Your Assistant deciphers lead responses through analysis of the intents and entities within them. The intent is the purpose or goal behind what the lead says in their message. For example, if a lead responds with “Yes, I would like a call” their intent is to express interest in moving forward in the conversation. The Assistant is able to associate this response with the Interest Confirmed intent and handle it accordingly.

Conversica offers the ability to enable your Revenue Digital Assistant to acknowledge common questions immediately, in the course of the natural conversation. With Conversica Answers, you can create custom Answers to FAQs you know your team usually has to answer, and allow your AI-powered assistant to answer questions quickly, consistently and all while driving toward the desired outcome.

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