Exceed Expectations in the Technology Industry with AI Assistants

The Technology industry leads the way in adopting innovative solutions to facilitate digital-first buying experiences, and it’s vital for them to be at the forefront of Conversational AI adoption. Augment your revenue teams with Conversica AI Assistants to deliver personalized engagement at scale, drive better customer relationships, and discover more revenue opportunities.

Cut Through the Noise and Leave No Opportunity

Untouched, Underworked, or Unnoticed

Digital interactions dominate the customer revenue lifecycle—with 80% of buyers preferring remote human interaction or digital self-service. Conversica AI Assistants meet your customers where they are with personalized conversations at scale, identifying leads and customers ready to talk. By delivering high-performing, prompt, personalized, and persistent messages via AI Assistants, your Technology business can delight customers and drive revenue opportunities.


“The Intelligent Virtual Assistant does most of the upfront work that we used to do and gets better-qualified prospects in front of our sellers. I was really impressed with the amount of pipeline I was able to directly attribute to the Conversica engagement.”

– Bill Fuesz, Senior Field Marketing Leader, Doc Star

Increase Marketing’s Contribution to Pipeline and Revenue

Every lead touched, every time. It’s not a pipe dream anymore. Conversica AI Assistants give Marketing the power to increase engagement with leads at scale. More engagement means more pipeline – which ultimately means more return on your marketing spend. Conversica seamlessly integrates with your MAP or CRM. Customize, control, view, and measure your outreach campaigns with ease.

Drive More Dialogue at the Top of the Funnel
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Free Your Sales Team From Mundane Repetitive Tasks With a Digital Sales Force

Frustrated by a lack of engagement and time spent chasing leads rather than talking to prospects? Conversica AI Assistants are your top-performing Sales Development Rep. Tackle more leads than humanly possible, boost engagement rates with personalized outreach, and accelerate sales-ready leads. More AI-driven conversations mean more opportunities for your Sales team to do what they do best – sell.

Turn Customers Into Advocates With Consistent and Proactive Communication

Customer Success teams help manage customer relationships in hopes of retaining and growing the base. But with Customer Success Managers potentially supporting hundreds of accounts each, persistent and proactive outreach is almost impossible. Help your team manage customer outreach with an AI Assistant to schedule business reviews, collect feedback, drive customer health and usage, and unearth expansion opportunities.

Drive More Dialogue at the Top of the Funnel

5 Ways Conversational AI Transforms Your Lead Engagement and Sales Process

Disjointed Sales and Marketing relationships lead to subpar customer experiences and lost revenue opportunities. Harmonize your Sales and Marketing teams and maximize opportunities through the buyer’s journeys with AI Assistants.


“Cara [our AI Assistant] is handling real volume for us now. Over the last year, we handed 21,000 leads over to Conversica, and we were amazed to see an engagement rate of 31 percent. We were able to leverage Conversica to surface the hot leads out of a pool of leads that our reps typically wouldn’t have touched. In this way, we think of Conversica as a fully-fledged member of our Sales pod, because Cara handles all of our C-ranked leads now.”

– Adam Benitez, Marketing Operations Manager, Talend

Let an AI Assistant Prioritize Leads and Follow-up So That Your Sales Team Can Do What They Do Best—Close the Deal

Post-Event Follow-Up

Maximize every dollar invested in virtual, in-person, and hybrid events with AI-driven outreach and follow-up.

Revive Dormant Leads

Automatically reach out to cold leads and dead opportunities at scale to ensure nothing viable slips through the cracks.

Increase Product Usage

Ensure customers are getting the full benefit of your product by addressing low product usage or encouraging adoption of key capabilities.


Kevin Colosimo

Sr. Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation North America Marketing, Oracle

“We’re really pleased with the results. We’re seeing 150:1 in terms of investment to driving pipeline. When you look at the contacts we have to message per converted lead, we’re 5x more effective using virtual assistants than we do with our traditional nurtures.”

Check Out How Conversica AI Assistants Can Keep You Ahead of Growing Expectations

Want to identify hot leads faster, accelerate your sales cycles, and retain/grow your customer base? Start today by requesting a demo to learn how adding Conversica AI Assistants boosts team capacity, drives higher engagement rates, and ultimately generates more revenue for your business.