Bring Conversational AI to Your Customer Success Teams

It’s hard being the hero every day. Let Conversica be your superpower! The average Customer Success Manager spends almost 40 hours a month sending emails to customers. Immediately scale your Customer Success team with an AI Assistant to autonomously engage customers in two-way conversations that drive revenue retention and growth.


Empower Customer Success Teams to Do What They Do Best With AI Assistants

Conversational Customer Success
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Product & Services

Drive Customer Health and Expand Product Usage

Give your customers what they need to succeed. Proactively address customer health and encourage customers to make the most of your offerings—resulting in a better experience, revenue retention, and growth.

Ensure the full use of your products are enjoyed by your customers, encourage adoption of key capabilities, and drive product consumption.

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Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Deliver the right message at the right time. Motivate upsell and cross-sell opportunities that benefit your customers and drive revenue for your business.

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Account Reviews

Never Miss an Account Review

Don’t let important meetings fall by the wayside. Keep your customers on track with polite and persistent reminders to schedule account reviews.

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Improve Net Retention With Proactive Outreach

Kick-off your renewal programs early and often with personalized outreach to determine which customers will renew and which need attention before they churn.

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Collect Customer Feedback and Encourage Brand Advocates

Collect customer feedback to support NPS initiatives, request customer referrals to grow your reputation, and discover customers willing to share their experience with others.

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“Our Customer Success team manages over 17k dealerships, along with all of their body shops – so utilizing this tool to help cast a huge net has been a game changer. It allows us to provide very targeted messaging in mass, and find the customers that are truly interested in having a deep dive conversation about their business goals.”

-Carrie W., Customer Success Manager


Scale Team Capacity With Ease

Customer Success teams often struggle with high customer-to-account manager ratios, making it difficult to accomplish important tasks. By scaling personalized communications across channels, our AI Assistants allow your Customer Success Managers to focus on helping customers, rather than chasing customer meetings.


Conversational Customer Success Grows Advocates

Collect customer feedback to support NPS initiatives. Use our AI Assistants to request customer referrals to grow your reputation, instigate customer case studies, and discover customers willing to share their experience with others.

Notify Customers of Important Updates With Polite Persistence

Have a new feature, update, or notice? Politely touch each of your customers with a personalized email crafted by your AI Assistant.


How to Retain Customers With Intelligent Virtual Assistants During the Current Economic Climate

Customer Success teams continue to feel the pressure to retain their existing customer base during this time of economic uncertainty. And for good reason—profits increase 7% by increasing retention rates by 5%.


Equip Your Conversica AI Assistant With Skills that Make Her a Customer Success Hero


Drive interest to buy more; e.g. capacity expansions and upgrades to existing products (or different products) in the same or different buying centers

DRIVE Customer Health

Communicate with customers to ensure engagement and healthy adoption. Schedule reviews, address low usage, reinforce relationships including account team transition, and invite clients to connect at events.

COLLECT Customer Feedback

Recognize and drive response to customer activity and feedback, e.g. promote online reviews, reach out to take NPS and other surveys

EXPAND Product Usage


Ensure the full use of your products are enjoyed by your customers, encourage adoption of key capabilities, and drive product consumption

RENEW Existing Customers

Drive repeat and restocking purchases, subscription renewals, and spare part orders; recover recently lost accounts (less than 60 days), etc.

REQUEST Customer Referrals

Develop new contacts at potential customers; new contacts may be at new accounts but also at new business units at an existing account

ONBOARD New Customers

Ensure new customers complete the onboarding process; encourage product registration and promote training and skills development

“It’s been really amazing at how we’ve been able to do things at such a large scale. Our biggest problem is that we have so many customers and we can’t talk to everyone. Teaming up with Conversica has definitely been great to help us manage large volumes and engage with customers. Using the data to trigger what we’re doing has been great as well because we’re able to talk to customers a lot sooner than we would have.”

Kay Tribak, Customer Strategy Program Lead
Oracle Digital

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