Seamlessly Integrate Conversational AI into Your Existing Tech Stack

Drive more consistent outreach, higher engagement rates, and improved personalization by integrating Conversica with your existing RevTech stack. Personalize conversations at scale, improve customer and partner relationships, automatically update your CRM, MAP, or ABM platform, and enable deeper engagement with Conversica’s two-way integration.


Get More Value Out of Your Revenue-Generation Platforms With Conversational AI

Ensure that the right data is available within Conversica and across your RevTech stack to enable deep personalization, segmentation and meaningful conversations. Providing your team with easy access and visibility into conversations the AI Assistants conduct—in the tools you use most. The Conversica platform supports over 50 bi-directional integrations with the most popular MAP, CRM, and ABM platforms and offers an open API for custom integrations.
Revenue-Generation Platforms

Accelerate Your Pipeline by Seamlessly Integrating Conversica AI Assistants With Your Revenue-Technology Landscape

Conversica Easily Integrates With the Leading Technologies You Rely on Everyday

Keep things simple. Handoff leads and contacts to Conversica using straightforward list memberships. AI Assistants can easily trigger additional marketing activities, helping you seamlessly integrate Conversational AI into your lead management process. Personalize fields or view your conversation history directly within Marketo, Eloqua, or Hubspot. Have a custom or unique platform? Expedite time to market by integrating with Conversica’s open API and simple plug-in architecture.

Leading Technologies
Deliver Personalized Engagement

Deliver Personalized Engagement Through the Power of Data

You expect your Sales Reps to work directly in Salesforce. But what about your AI Assistants? Conversica is native to Salesforce, meaning Sales never has to log into another app or platform to view lead status. Give Sales the visibility they need to field interested prospects with conversation history, standard reporting, and insight all in the same place.


Apply Data-Driven Insights to Increase Your Close and Expansion Rates

Just providing insight is not enough. Taking action is the key to success. Remove blind spots from your existing customer data set—including updated contact info, lead status, and conversation history—to eliminate missed opportunities. Using pre-built integrations, leads and contacts from your campaigns are effortless passed to Conversica AI Assistants to continue engagement—freeing up your revenue teams to focus on building pipeline, closing deals, and retaining/growing customers.

Apply Data-Driven Insights

Easily Integrate With the Tools You Use and Love

Better Together: Conversational AI and Sales Engagement Platforms

When Sales teams leverage Sales Engagement Platforms in tandem with Conversational AI they improve productivity, elevate sales-ready opportunities, and augment your workforce.

Better Together: Conversational AI and Marketing Automation Platforms

Conversica AI Assistants give voice to your Marketing Automation strategies by automating human-like, two-way interactions with leads. AI Assistants work alongside your Marketing Automation Platform by directly asking leads “are you ready to talk to Sales?” at scale.

Conversica and Marketo Integration

With Conversica, lead engagement is completely automated yet fully personalized. Integrate with Marketo and touch every single inbound lead, right at the top of your funnel.

Conversica and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and Conversica integrate to allow AI Assistants to identify and engage your best leads.

6sense and Conversica Integration

Integrated with 6sense to enrich contacts with additional intent and account-level insights, Conversica delivers hyper-personalized conversations at scale to drive accounts through the customer journey.

Conversational ABM: Scaling Your Account Based Marketing With Conversational AI

Conversational AI scales ABM execution, leading to iconic customer experiences, increased engagement rates, critical high-quality pipeline generation, and accelerated deal cycles.

Gainsight and Conversica Integration

Data enrichment from Gainsight feeds health scores and contract data to Conversica.

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