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Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Transform your Marketing. Elevate engagement, accelerate conversions, and eliminate one-way communication challenges with Conversica’s seamless integration into Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Marketing Automation
Adobe Marketo Engage
Adobe Marketo Engage integrates with Conversica (2019 Technology Partner of the Year) to combine Experience Cloud, Sensei, and AI Assistants into one seamless AI-powered solution to autonomously drive end-to-end engagement personalized at scale.
Marketing Automation
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation integrates with Conversica to drive autonomous personalized engagement at scale to enable and empower revenue-generating teams.
Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates natively with Conversica. Directly incorporate Conversational AI interactions with contacts for seamless and autonomous experiences for teams to scale their engagement with prospective customers.
Marketing Automation
Hubspot Marketing Hub
Hubspot Marketing Hub integrates with Conversica (a HubSpot Connect Certified Partner) to consolidate your leads, marketing campaigns, and conversations in one place.
Customer Success
Gainsight —industry-leading platform helping companies achieve durable growth through customer-led growth strategies, product-led growth strategies, and community-led growth strategies.
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6sense Account Engagement Platform
6sense Account Engagement Platform enables companies to identify accounts looking for their solution, prioritize their efforts, and ultimately take action through a combination of people and autonomous AI Assistants offered by Conversica.
Marketing Automation
Salesforce Pardot
Salesforce Pardot integrates with Conversica to drive autonomous personalized engagement at scale and unleash revenue teams.
SugarCRM and Conversica provide a seamless API integration to autonomously drive prospect engagement, ensure 100% lead coverage, drive revenue team efficiency, and maximize employee job satisfaction.
DMS • Industry Specific
Tekion built-for-cloud DMS solution integrates with Conversica without any extra data fees to enable auto dealerships to leverage their data in employing AI Assistants to scale their vehicle sales and fixed operations teams.
DMS • Industry Specific
Auto/Mate DMS
Auto/Mate DMS by DealerSocket integrates with Conversica to help auto dealerships maximize the value of their AI Assistants for Automotive Sales and Automotive Customer Service.

Conversica’s Industry-Leading Conversational AI Platform

Add the power of Conversation Automation to your existing stack, leveraging insights, triggering actions and providing results in the systems you use everyday

Fits In Seamlessly

Dozens of out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API its easy to complement your existing tech stack

Personalization Powered By Insights

Use contact and account insights to dynamically segment, route and personalize each conversation

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Empower Your Reps

Conversation details and required actions are feedback to provide context for a seamless transition

Better Together

Scale the use of insights and autonomously execute actions through the power of Conversational AI


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