Keep Automotive Service Customers Throughout the Ownership Cycle

Attract new customers and increase revenue from the ones you have. Conversica AI Assistants for Automotive Service maximize opportunities by automatically contacting and engaging service customers for future appointments. Conversational AI helps your business scale connected customer experiences, improve engagement rates, and build relationships.


Tirelessly Pursue Service Appointments With AI Assistants

Dealerships sometimes struggle with scalability to schedule service appointments—which means revenue opportunities are missed and customers go elsewhere. Go beyond the status quo with AI Assistants to keep customers tied to your dealership through service appointments.


“Customers will call the store and ask for Emma, our AI Assistant. That’s how real she seems. I’m telling you she’s my least expensive and best employee. I never see her but she’s very efficient, sending out dozens of emails every day and responding to their answers.”

– Tracey Hudson, BDC Manager at Allen Samuels Chevrolet Buick GMC

Close More Repair Orders

Auto owners are often slow to perform routine maintenance on their vehicles—resulting in reduced longevity of the car, more costly repairs, and potential safety issues. Politely and persistently pursue service customers with AI Assistants. Conversational AI scale personalized two-way interactions and continues the conversation until action is taken.


Automotive Service AI Assistants Augment Your Workforce

Contact every prospective services client without occupying your staff. Conversica AI Assistants for Automotive Service maximize opportunities by automatically contacting and engaging customers for future appointments. By automating personalized outreach, employees can focus on high-value tasks instead of chasing customers.

Grow Your Customers Lifetime Value
Through Services

Expand customer lifetime value by motivating routine maintenance via personalized AI conversations. Make your customers feel connected to your business and motivate more services visits with ease.


Keep Customers Tied to
the Dealership

Engaging service customers and keeping them engaged is critical to a dealership’s revenue. The Conversica Automotive Service AI Assistant engages service customers in natural, two-way conversations, and continues to engage and nurture them until they either express interest or opt-out.

Engage New and Returning Service Customers With Conversational AI

Meet Customer Expectations

Catching potential fixed ops clients in the moment could make all the difference. Give contacts the prompt and persistent attention they need to turn from inquires into service customers.

Expand the Value of Each Customer

Automatically enroll service customers into AI-driven outreach to motivate return visits.

Ready to Foster Long-Lasting Relationships and Profitable Relationships With Your Service Customers?

Looking to acquire new clients and expand your customer base? Get a demo to learn how adding a Conversica AI Assistant to your Automotive Service team increases capacity, drives higher engagement rates, and ultimately generates more revenue for your business.