Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024

HubSpot Marketing Hub Integration

Transform your Marketing. Conversica's seamless integration with HubSpot unlocks the power of adaptive, two-way AI conversations at every stage of the buyer journey.

  • Elevate your engagement
  • Accelerate conversions
  • Eliminate one-way communication


Two-Way AI Conversations for HubSpot

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Published 04/29/24
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Get More Out of Your HubSpot Investment

Accelerate Funnel & Lead Conversion

Strike while the iron’s hot: Go straight from one-way, static outreach to engaging, two-way conversations the second a lead takes an action to move buyers through the funnel faster.

Expand Business Value, Productivity & ROI

Improve nurture performances and get to conversions faster triggering a dynamic personalized conversation based on action to a nurture email.

Hyper-Qualified Leads & Contacts

Surface handraisers, assess interest, validate fit and set up meetings on behalf of Sales. Free reps to focus on the best opportunities without sacrificing the rest.

Top Use Cases

  1. Quickly respond to all inbound leads with two-way conversations that encourage conversion
    Inbound leads need to be engaged quickly, but you can’t rely on scoring or Sales to accurately assess and follow up. Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ quickly engage in personalized, two-way conversation to discover where the lead is in their journey and take the next best action, providing additional resources or qualifying on behalf of sales.
  2. Reach out to interested leads that have not hit the scoring threshold
    Conversica RDAs are great at turning warm leads hot. Using the knowledge of the lead and account actions and demographics, the RDA can engage leads, answering any lingering questions and driving to conversion.
  3. Increase participation and ROI of webinars and events
    Set up an integrated outreach that leverages both HubSpot Marketing Hub sends and Conversica two-way conversations to increase registration and improve engagement during and after the event.
  4. Scale outreach to target accounts
    Use Marketing Hub to see if there is any interest with key accounts and quickly move it over to highly personalized engagement to warm them up for Sales.
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