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Handling the Holidays: Best Practices for Revenue Digital Assistants

Mike Farrell

Conversica Community Manager

RDA out of office for holidays
RDA out of office for holidays
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Published 10/14/23
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It’s Q4 and the holiday season is just around the corner. Your team is likely taking time off—so what do you do with your AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants™?

The holiday season is also about the time you want to be thinking about scheduling your Revenue Digital Assistant some time off so they can reflect your current business operating hours. Our Conversica team strongly recommends that your RDA only works on the days that your team does, this way, if any interaction requires some human intervention, there will be a team member ready to assist.

We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you make sure your RDA is fully ready for this holiday season!

Your AI Assistant’s Default Holidays

By default, your Revenue Digital Assistant won’t engage with leads on the following holidays:

Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 23
Christmas Day: Monday, December 25
New Year’s Day: Monday, January 1

You can find more information about your assistant’s default work schedule in our Help Center article.

Configure Your AI Assistant’s Out-of-Office Response

No matter what days you might close this season, it’s important to ensure your Revenue Digital Assistant is prepared. It’s helpful to let your clients know you are closed and how long they can expect you to be closed when they reach out to your digital assistant. This is especially helpful when closing for additional days during the holiday season.

Enabling an Assistant Out of Office (OOO) message in the Assistant Settings will ensure any lead who responds to your AI assistant will receive a custom message that you set.

RDA out of office message

Your OOO message should inform your leads of the temporary closure and when you and your Revenue Digital Assistant will be back in the office.

Once your assistant is “back in the office,” they’ll pick up exactly where the conversation left off!

Set Vacation Days for Your Reps!

This is a popular time for employees to take some much-needed time off! Luckily, within Conversica there is an easy tool to make sure all your leads receive all the attention they need and are never lacking for some human oversight.

Within the User Settings, under Miscellaneous Settings, you will find Vacation Days. This is where you can set the duration of days the rep will be out of office, and who their leads should be assigned to during this period.

Rep vacation days

Regular lead assignments will begin automatically once the vacation days are over, so need to worry about assigning.

If you want some step-by-step instructions, check out our Vacation Days Help Center article!

Do any of you have a creative Out-of-Office message idea for your RDA? Share them in our Community!

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