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Human-in-the-Loop How-To: The Reply as Assistant Feature


Reply as Assistant makes adding a human in the loop easy
Reply as Assistant makes adding a human in the loop easy
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Published 03/09/24
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Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ are designed to hold conversations with your leads and customers autonomously and hand off to your reps when the time is right. But sometimes, it can be useful for your human employees to jump into a conversation before that handoff point—after all, having a human in the loop is one of the key ingredients for an enterprise-grade generative AI experience.

That’s the thinking behind our “Reply as Assistant” function. This feature allows representatives to discreetly intervene in conversations without disrupting the flow between your assistant and the lead.

We’ve got three common scenarios where leveraging “Reply as Assistant” can elevate your customer interactions.

Scenario 1: The lead states they need additional support, but the conversation status is completed.

Revenue Digital Assistants circle back around with contacts automatically at the end of a conversation—for example, when a lead has scheduled a meeting with a Sales rep, the assistant will follow up after the meeting time to make sure the lead got what they needed. But imagine a scenario where the lead replies to that clean-up message to say they need additional support. Maybe they had to cancel the meeting and need to reschedule, or perhaps they have additional questions they thought of after the meeting.

With “Reply as Assistant,” your team can jump in to respond to that request under the assistant’s name, smoothing the transition and maintaining continuity of experience for the lead. This feature empowers you to deliver exceptional customer service without missing a beat.

Scenario 2: The lead asked your assistant a question that is beyond their ability to answer.

While your virtual assistant is adept at handling many inquiries, some questions may require expert intervention. “Reply as Assistant” comes to the rescue in these instances, enabling you to switch to a representative who can provide the right answers and uphold customer satisfaction. It’s the perfect blend of AI capabilities and human expertise.

Scenario 3: The lead doesn’t remember why they are being messaged.

We’ve all been there – sometimes we’re clicking around, filling out forms and the next day, we forget what we did. When this occurs, use “Reply as Assistant” to jog the lead’s memory about past conversations or lead actions they might’ve forgotten, enhancing their overall experience and their connection with your brand.

Bonus Tool: Forward from Assistant

In addition to “Reply as Assistant,” the “Forward from Assistant” tool offers added flexibility in managing customer conversations. This tool allows you to forward individual conversations between customers and your AI assistant directly to your inbox, enabling continued communication from there.

Here are some scenarios where this tool comes in handy:

  1. Sending information best suited as an attachment or hyperlink.
  2. Handing off conversations to a representative seamlessly.
  3. Following up on customer feedback with a personalized touch.

“Reply as Assistant” and “Forward from Assistant” are invaluable tools in your customer interaction arsenal. By knowing when and how to leverage these features effectively, you can elevate customer experiences, maintain seamless communication and drive satisfaction and loyalty.

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