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Top Conversation: Convert Leads with SMS Functionality


Convert Leads with SMS is the top performing conversation of March 2024
Convert Leads with SMS is the top performing conversation of March 2024
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Published 04/02/24
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Are you looking to boost your lead conversion rates and streamline communication with your prospects? Look no further than Conversica’s top-performing conversation of March 2024: Convert Leads with added SMS functionality. With a Conversation Rate of 48.18% and a Conversation Qualified Rate of 35%, it’s easy to see why it came out on top.

This conversation can revolutionize your lead conversion process and give your leads the flexibility they need in how they communicate with your team—let’s take a look at how.

Understanding Convert Leads with SMS Functionality

Convert Leads, formerly known as Interested Contacts, is specifically designed to engage with contacts who have recently shown interest and requested communication online. Your Revenue Digital Assistant™ (RDA) takes the lead, initiating conversations with the goal of scheduling a call with a representative. One of the key features of this conversation is its seamless transition process, especially when a lead indicates they are not the correct contact at their company. Conversica prompts for the correct contact details, ensuring no communication gaps.

With the added SMS functionality, Convert Leads takes communication to the next level. It starts with an email interaction but offers the flexibility to continue communication via text. Once the lead confirms their phone number, your assistant seamlessly transitions to text communication, efficiently passing on relevant information to a representative.

Convert Leads with SMS first message


Exploring SMS Functionality’s Benefits

Our SMS conversations are dynamic and multifunctional, leveraging twelve objectives to engage effectively. Core objectives like verifying interest, collecting contact information, and gauging satisfaction are supported by nine others, ensuring comprehensive communication efforts tailored to industry professionals. The primary goal is to gauge interest levels accurately and bring key contacts to your attention promptly.

By utilizing SMS functionality, you benefit from streamlined communication processes. You seamlessly gather new contact information and facilitate communication handoffs as needed. Moreover, your assistant can address frequently asked questions (FAQs), reducing the time spent on simple inquiries and enhancing overall efficiency. Opting in via SMS ensures accurate communication channels, confirming contact details and paving the way for meaningful interactions.

SMS convert leads first text

Experience the efficiency and flexibility of Conversica’s SMS-enabled Convert Leads conversation today!

Empower your team with streamlined communication processes, comprehensive engagement objectives, and the ability to connect with leads seamlessly across multiple channels. Convert more leads effectively and efficiently with Conversica’s innovative solutions.

Ready to revolutionize your lead conversion process? Get started with Conversica’s SMS-enabled Convert Leads conversation and unlock new opportunities for success. Happy converting!

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