Conversica just added a new type of AI Assistant to the company’s portfolio of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) powered by intelligent automation—an Admissions AI Assistant for higher education. The new Admissions AI Assistant aims to help busy admissions teams engage prospective students in a personal, yet automated way. Today’s prospective students are busier than ever and need gently persistent yet highly personalized outreach.

The Conversica Admissions AI Assistant is designed to engage these prospects quickly, and in a scalable way. Admissions departments at educational institutions have limited resources to deliver the kind of high-quality, personalized experience needed to attract new students.

Further complicating the recruitment challenge is that students are difficult to reach, and most are contacting multiple institutions. Our industry-leading Intelligent Virtual Assistants help thousands of companies across a dozen industries to more effectively engage their leads, and we are excited to deepen our commitment to the education industry.

Admissions AI Assistant pleases early adopters

Early Admissions AI Assistant adopters are already reporting impressive results, including one education company that “hired” an Admissions AI Assistant to re-engage applicants who had become unresponsive. The Admissions AI Assistant began autonomous outreach to leads that had engaged on behalf of more than 15 universities but had been unresponsive for six months or longer. These efforts resulted in a 26 percent increase in engagement rate and a 35 percent increase in conversion rate.

Research shows the education industry needs AI

Conversica’s most recent research on inquiry follow-up in higher revealed that 27 percent of schools contacted did not respond at all — not a single email or phone call — to the prospective student (as documented in the Sales Effectiveness Report in Education).


  • 37 percent of educational institutions made only one or two attempts to contact a lead
  • Admissions departments had an average first response time of 38 hours, compared to the 24-hour average response time of other industries
  • 8 percent of schools took longer than one week to respond to prospective students

To address these follow-up challenges, our Admissions AI Assistants can automate the lead follow-up process and engage every prospective student in a two-way, human-like conversation. With a response rate often three to five times higher than marketing or sales emails, our assistants have been shown to significantly increase the number of quality conversations with prospective students, while reducing the time the admissions department has to spend following up with these leads.

Engaging prospective students and boosting enrollment

By using the new Conversica Admissions AI Assistant, admissions departments now can:

  • Follow up with high-quality interested students and accelerate the best to a human enrollment counselor. Making a personal connection to advance each lead is expensive, but with Conversica, institutions can more easily master “digital efficiency.”
  • Re-engage potential students and inactive applicants. Students – especially non-traditional students – drop out of the funnel for all kinds of reasons. Institutions using Conversica engage them personally and at scale, automating the outreach that admissions staff don’t have time for.
  • Be more effective at cross-selling. With thousands of programs available, students may not know their best fit. The Conversica solution uses the right cues to intelligently suggest other opportunities.
  • Drive attendance to recruiting events. Potential students are hard to reach and busy with other priorities. Conversica Admissions AI Assistants use polite but persistent outreach to enroll students for events and remind them to attend.



Early adopters already seeing results

Another organization seeing impressive results is The The Los Angeles Film School:

“We were looking for a way to have more persistent —and consistent — conversations with prospective students,” said James Winstead, Vice President of Marketing at The Los Angeles Film School. “Stephanie, our AI Assistant, does her magic and finds even more who want to engage, which are fully attributed to Conversica. We’re also using the AI in our retention efforts, allowing for constant communication with our students even after graduation, which helps promote ongoing brand advocacy.”

Available now, the Admissions AI Assistant communicates over multiple communication channels, interacts in multiple languages, and integrates with the leading CRM and marketing automation systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua.

Read our Case Study about The Los Angeles Film School’s use of the Conversica AI Assistant.

Additional information

  • Learn more about the Conversica Admissions AI Assistant here
  • Watch a two-minute video overview of Conversica
  • Download a two-page brochure on the Admissions AI Assistant

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