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Building a Conversational Nurture Program with Conversica

Mike Farrell

Conversica Community Manager

Building a conversational nurture program
Building a conversational nurture program
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Published 02/22/24
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We’ve talked about our Conversational Nurture conversations before—one of our highest-value use cases for leveraging Conversica. Today, we’re diving deep into the realm of creating automated two-way dialogue nurture programs with Conversica. Discover how Conversica seamlessly integrates into your lead management process, automatically triggering AI-powered conversations with leads who take desired actions in your nurture programs.

Adding Conversations to Your Campaigns

In an ideal world, every lead would smoothly convert into an MQL, but the modern buying journey is more like a complex marathon. Traditional nurture programs often fall short in providing the persistent, personalized engagement needed to stand out.

The Traditional Approach: Traditional lead management funnels leads not ready for sales into a segmented nurture program. However, this method presents challenges:

  • SDRs spending time on potentially unqualified leads
  • One-way dialogue without receiving feedback
  • Generalized and often manual processes

Enter Conversica: Conversica disrupts this pattern by leveraging lead actions to kick off automated conversations. It adds a layer of personalized engagement that actively supports the lead’s journey or assesses their readiness to talk with sales. This well-choreographed experience ensures that all interests in your lead pool are actively explored and nurtured.

Leveraging Your Old Lead Stock

Start by revisiting your old lead stock – those who never engaged or might not have been ready at the time. Begin with a separate touchpoint outside of Conversica, such as a newsletter series or targeted campaigns, building rapport and brand awareness. This strategy has proven successful, leading to a remarkable 12.5% lead conversion rate, 9x  higher than the industry average.

How Conversica Supports the Process:

  1. Seamless Integration: Integrate Conversica directly into your nurture sequence within your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) for automated two-way conversations.
  2. Trigger-Based Engagement: Create triggers in your MAP that correspond to Conversica conversations, allowing timely and relevant engagement based on lead actions.

Use Conversica to re-engage dormant leads

Remember, detailed instructions for setting up these triggers can be found in our Help Center.

Initiating a Two-Way Dialog with Your Revenue Digital Assistant™

Here’s where Conversica truly shines. Imagine running ongoing communications, like a newsletter, where opened emails or link clicks trigger your RDA to engage leads persistently. The RDA assesses their sales readiness, schedules meetings, and personalizes the exchange based on lead and account information.

The Seamless Cycle:

  • Conversation Qualified Leads: Passed to sales for further engagement.
  • Ghosted or Not Sales-Ready Leads: Pursued for a reschedule by your RDA.
  • Not Ready Leads: Passed back into the nurture program for re-engagement when appropriate.


Now, relax with confidence as your RDA quietly and conversationally nurtures your lead stock in the background. Keep these key steps in mind:

  1. Kick off with a Nurture Campaign: Start by engaging your old lead stock.
  2. Let Your RDA Engage Hand-Raisers: Use Conversica to assess sales-readiness.
  3. Employ Conversation Rules: Automatically steer leads into the right conversations, effortlessly staying in control.

If you have questions or need more information, join us in the Conversica Community. Together, we’re paving the path forward for generative and conversational AI in enterprise. Happy conversing!

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