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Salesforce and Conversica Integrate to Allow AI Technology for Sales to Identify and nurture your best leads.

Engages Thousands of Leads to Identify the Best Leads

Rather than relying on guesswork, Conversica identifies the best leads by asking them – and they answer. Your automated sales assistant converses with leads from Salesforce campaigns, engaging and qualifying leads via natural, two-way email conversations. Conversica sends simple messages to leads that elicit genuine responses. The lead responds, revealing level of interest and details about the purchasing decision.

The Automated Sales Assistant Qualifies Email Leads Independently

The automated sales assistant interprets the content and tone of responses to its emails and takes the next step, such as asking for the best phone number or best time to call, or stopping the conversation. Hot leads are sent to sales immediately as an alert.

Conversica Updates Salesforce Automatically

When Conversica reaches out to your leads via email, the lead engagement details are stored within the Salesforce record. Alerted to a hot lead, your Sales rep can review the entire dialogue between Conversica and the lead, including when the messages were sent. Unlike real people, Conversica always remembers to update details of its lead interactions in Salesforce.