Admissions AI Assistant

Engage Prospective Students and Drive Enrollment

Leverage AI in Higher Education to Deliver Personalized Communications to Students Throughout Their Journey

Admissions AI Assistant

Engage Prospective Students with Personalized Communications to Drive Enrollment

Engage students throughout their admission journey with personalized communications

Admissions AI Assistants engage your prospective students by initiating contact, empathizing
intelligently to interpret replies, and responding with a tailored message.

The Applicant Experience is Siloed

Students are shortlisting more higher education programs than ever, while enrollment is down 1.7% year over year. Though there is more competition for fewer students enrolling, Admissions marketing budgets remain unchanged. Today’s applicant experience is happening in silos –with potential students doing their own research across various channels like browsing your website, visiting your campus, checking out social media, without your knowledge. How do you curate a personalized applicant experience at scale?

AI in Higher Education Helps Personalize the Application Process

To personalize an experience for each student, you have to deeply understand what their motivations and expectations are across academic programs, financial aid, campus housing and more. Admissions AI Assistants help contact every prospective student with a human touch, interpret responses from prospective students and alert an enrollment officer the minute interest changes to intent. Admissions AI Assistants follow up and track enrollment team follow-through, so you won't let any potential students slip through the cracks!

AI in Higher Education

Get Started Quickly

Each Admissions AI Assistant can have multiple skills. Here are 3 of the most common skills to get your team started:

Cultivate Early Interest

Reach out to prospects that have signaled potential interest and have not requested contact yet

Engage Demand

First point of contact to engage prospects that recently requested contact online

Pre-Event Outreach

Drive attendance at in-person and online recruiting events

Supports Multiple Languages and Channels

Admissions AI Assistants engage with prospective students through email and text exchanges. They gather new or updated phone numbers and pass those details to the Admissions specialist for follow-up, while updating the CRM or marketing automation system. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistants also speak multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.

Real Time Insights
to Optimize Your Funnel

Analyze your funnel by using Conversica’s AI dashboards and reports to quickly understand where leads are getting stuck. Augment your workforce with Intelligent Virtual Assistants at specific stages of the customer journey to drive faster conversion at every step.

Integrates with Your
Existing Technology Stack

Initial contact by the Admissions AI Assistant is based on triggers and contact info in your CRM or marketing automation system. The Intelligent Virtual Assistant interprets the intent and replies accordingly. Based on information from the conversation, the CRM and marketing automation systems are updated automatically.


Stay top of mind and find ways to reengage former applicants

Personalize Communications to Increase Enrollment

Make a personal connection to advance each student before they go elsewhere

Be More Effective at Delivering the Right Experience

Use the right cues to intelligently suggest other opportunities that can make all the difference

Choose the Admissions AI Assistant That's Right for You


First point of contact to engage prospective students who recently requested contact online; e.g. low-scoring leads, partner referrals

PRE-EVENT Outreach

Reach out to drive attendance and schedule meetings ahead of your events; e.g. drive attendance at college admission event

ACTIVATE Unresponsive Demand

Second point of contact (after your sales rep attempted outreach) for prospective students who previously showed high levels of interest

POST-EVENT Engagement

Follow up with prospective students as the first point of contact to generate interest and set meetings after a college admissions event

REACTIVATE Dormant Demand

Proactively initiate contact with prospective students who previously expressed interest; e.g. untouched or unresponsive for more than 90 days

ACCELERATE Open Opportunities

Contact interested students and help them advance through the admissions process; e.g. remind prospects to decide, to complete forms

WINBACK Former Students

Proactively reach out to recently lost prospective students who left over 90 days ago or long-lost prospective students who left more than a year ago

CULTIVATE Early Interest

Reach out to prospective students who signaled interest but have not requested contact; e.g. followed social media profiles, consumed content

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