What if you could build relationships one-on-one with thousands of customers throughout their lifecycle with your brand? That’s powerful engagement for customer lifecycle marketing. But no marketer has time for that, right? Well, actually, now you can – and quite easily. Conversica’s AI persona in our artificial intelligence software serves as a tireless virtual assistant dedicated to your customer lifecycle marketing program.

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Extract more value per customer with customer lifecycle marketing

In the customer lifecycle, your potential customers become aware of your product, consider it, express interest and hopefully buy your product or service, beginning their journey as your customers. Or maybe many are repeat customers, if you’ve been through this customer lifecycle with them before and did a good job with customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Cross-selling and upselling create sales opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle, allowing you to extract more value from each customer (customer lifetime value).

This AI persona builds customer relationships one-one-one for your brand

Do you wish you had time to maintain a dialogue with many of your customers? Update them on new products and services and follow up when they are interested in learning or buying more? Ask them the occasional question? Find out if they are happy and give you a referral? One-on-one conversations let you keep in touch and show your company cares more than the competition.

An AI persona for customer lifecycle marketing can reach out with a personal touch to thousands of customers with friendly emails that share information and ask a question — and when the responses come rolling in, the AI marketing technology can interpret the conversational replies without requiring human involvement – and take action. It can send off a follow-up email or alert a company representative to call.

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to build relationships for customer lifecycle marketing. Because the marketing automation software can manage the conversations from start to end for you on a grand scale, sending out personal messages and handling their personal responses. Marketing AI technology works at the beginning of the customer lifecycle when the lead first comes in, and it works later to cross-sell and upsell and gain repeat business.

Conversica loves to help our customers and then watch the new sales opportunities roll in – increasing your customer lifetime value.

8 Ways AI is Supercharging Your Marketing