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From MAP to Real-Time, Two-Way Interactions: Close the Conversation Gap with Embedded AI


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Published 11/20/23
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On their own, Marketing Automation Platforms are one-way communication tools. They can talk at your audience, but they leave much to be desired in moving leads through the funnel. It’s the difference between an announcement over a PA in a store and a one-on-one conversation with a customer browsing the shelves about their needs and wants. If you’ve only got the megaphone, you’re missing the ability to engage the buyer on their terms.

Even if they target a specific segment interested in a certain topic, MAPs don’t provide opportunities for two-way conversations. And unfortunately, enticing leads to being ready to buy takes more than a few impersonal one-way comms.

The gap between leads’ vague interest and being Sales-ready is the Conversation Gap. And we know how to close it.

Benefits of Embedding Conversational AI in Your MAP

  1. Transform your MAP into an AI-driven rapid response and engagement platform
    Buyers are bulk-deleting drip-fed template emails – shutting you down from the beginning. Integrate Conversica’s Revenue Digital Assistants™ into your MAP to guarantee every lead is quickly engaged in an authentic, adaptable, two-way conversation in seconds.
  2. Conversation Qualified: The quickest way to upgrade your MQLs and SQLs
    Conversicas RDAs engage buyers in Powerfully Human®, two-way conversations that take the guesswork out of gauging true buyer interest. Instantly alert your Sales team the second a lead is primed for conversion, and track interactions to see which conversations deliver the most value to the pipeline.  
  3. Create more opportunities for buyers to say “yes”
    Provide leads with more opportunities to engage in the buying process and signal they are ready to move forward by weaving adaptive, two-way AI conversations into every campaign and nurturing strategy.  
  4. Revitalize revenue sources
    Stop trying to reincarnate lost leads with a one-off message of hope. Conversica’s Revenue Digital Assistants drive leads back into your funnel by re-engaging buyers in relevant conversations, leveraging insights from prior interactions.

Top Use Cases for MAP + Conversational AI

With an RDA, routine marketing activities are transformed.

When leads are followed up with quickly, they convert more. When plugged into your MAP, an RDA can immediately start a conversation as soon as a lead shows interest. By tailoring comms with the data from your MAP and CRM, your audience gets personalized, specific information that speaks to their interests, enticing them to convert.

Lead follow-up

When leads are properly qualified, they convert better. With the powerful combo of an RDA and your MAP, you can more easily and confidently qualify your leads. Depending on the scoring or activity rules you set, an RDA can immediately flag qualified leads to Sales and give the team all the info learned from its conversations. This ensures quick follow-ups on leads that are truly Sales-ready.

Lead Quality Flowchart

When leads are continuously nurtured, more buyers get surfaced. No matter what you do, some leads just won’t be ready to buy immediately. Rather than set your MAP or Sales team on a wild goose chase, an RDA can continuously nurture leads no matter where they are in their lifecycle, routinely sending out feelers to wake up dormant leads. And as soon as one’s ready, your RDA can resume the conversation.

Lead Nurture Flowchart

Close the Conversation Gap with Conversica

The path to a better buyer journey starts with augmenting your tech stack. With 50+ out-of-the-box integrations with all the popular platforms—including Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and more—Conversica amplifies your current systems to do more than you thought possible. With Conversica’s RDAs working hand-in-hand with your MAP, you can discover more leads, cultivate an amazing buying experience, and generate more revenue than ever.

Transform your Sales and Marketing funnel and close the Conversation Gap with Conversica.

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