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A MAP Isn’t Enough: The Trouble With One-Way Communication


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Published 11/06/23
2 minutes read

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) are a vital piece of the revenue generation puzzle. They’re fantastic for sending emails to a ton of people at once. For regular, even targeted, communication, they’re a solid part of your tech stack.

But what they can’t do is force a lead to be ready to buy. And they can’t provide the one-on-one experience that is so crucial to moving leads through the funnel. One-way communication just doesn’t do it.

With MAP outreach alone, Marketers are talking at their audience. Sure, recipients might be interested, but there’s a big gap between vague interest and being ready to buy—what we call the Conversation Gap.

Conversation Gap with MAP alone

Limitations of MAP Alone

In this scenario, where MAP is the only automated engagement with leads, buyers are left waiting. Waiting for someone to talk to them. For someone to listen to what they need and give them the necessary information.

When a buyer is kept waiting, they walk away. Conversion rates are 8x higher if you respond to inquiries in the first five minutes. So slow responses mean lost revenue, pure and simple.

When a buyer isn’t listened to, they walk away. Every buyer has their own unique situation. Their needs are unique. Their journey is unique. If you can’t adapt to what each buyer needs, you’re losing out.

When a buyer doesn’t trust the info they’re given, they walk away. Leads come to you to learn information about your product or service. If your reps aren’t knowledgeable or giving worthwhile information, you’ll lose your audience.

When a buyer falls through the cracks, they walk away. For good. Even if your MAP successfully gets someone ready to buy, handoffs to Sales often aren’t seamless. When someone gets left behind, they’re never coming back.

To keep these buyers from falling through the Conversational Gap instead of reaching the end of your funnel, you need more than what your MAP alone can provide. You need two-way interactions that respond to the natural twists and turns of a conversation, while still pushing toward a business goal.

Extending Your Reach With Conversational AI

When you start talking with your audience instead of at it, something magical happens. Having real conversations tailored to each lead that recognize their needs and give the information they want and the personal attention they crave converts leads to buyers.

There’s where Conversational AI changes the game.

Integrating a generative AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistant™ (RDA) into your Marketing Automation Platform closes the Conversation Gap. With an RDA, you can instantly start providing the real, two-way conversations your buyers want. With the Gap closed, you’ll see higher conversions and more revenue.

MAP Limitations MAP + Conversica
  • Rigid user personas.
  • Static, one-way communication.
  • Delays in lead responses.
  • One-size-fits-all buyer journeys.
  • Variability in human interactions.
  • Overlooked leads.
  • Instant, tailored outreach.
  • Dynamic, two-way conversations that 
  • engage at the buyer’s pace.
  • Seamless, accurate, and brand-aligned communications.
  • Comprehensive engagement—no lead goes unnoticed.


You can beat the Conversation Gap with AI. Integrate natural, AI-driven two-way conversations into your MAP that engage buyers in real-time, answering their questions and guiding them along the most effective buying pathway that works for them.

Plug a generative AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistant into your Marketing Automation Platform and you get instant conversational coverage for 100% of your leads, closing your Conversation Gap and changing the shape of your funnel for higher conversion and more revenue—without adding headcount.

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