Imagine having a virtual assistant to help manage applicant flow, follow-up with students throughout their decision process, answer simple FAQs, and drive prospective students to campus visits. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping academic institutions attract, engage and enroll the right students. How is this changing the Higher Education admissions space?

First, the problem: fewer students are enrolling in college. Institutions are finding new ways to attract and engage both traditional and non-traditional students in a personalized manner.

Admissions teams can augment their team with AI Admissions Assistants to engage prospective students in conversations along every step of an increasingly fragmented and complex enrollment journey via email and text. The more traditional materials and methods, including campus brochures, referrals, and follow-up calls, are augmented by an AI Admissions Assistant that can help answer questions and provide a unique applicant experience.

Staying ahead of the competition

There’s more competition than ever as traditional and non-traditional students have more options to choose from including which programs to attend and where to enroll.

AI Admissions Assistants can help Admissions Departments move past these challenges. How? AI Assistants augment your human team and enable them to better meet and exceed students’ expectations.

Personalizing the Admissions experience

Prospective college students today are accustomed to accessing information they need quickly and painlessly from various online channels. They readily receive personalized communications from technology companies and they bring that consumer expectation to just about any organization they interact with.

In the past, it has been extremely difficult for Admissions departments to create compelling interactions for every potential student and guide them through the admissions process. What if it was possible to engage in authentic, compelling conversations with each prospective student?  This is where an AI Admissions Assistant can be a huge asset.

How AI can help

Leveraging the help of an AI Admissions Assistant allows schools to connect with prospective students in an engaging, consistent, and persistent manner. Conversica’s AI Admissions Assistant engages with each student autonomously to assess interest, encouraging them to attend a campus visit or schedule a call with an Admissions Officer. This way, schools can clarify program offerings to these prospects and guide them along their enrollment journey.

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