We’re very happy to announce the 2017 Sales Effectiveness Report – Automotive Edition is here!

For three years in a row, Conversica has been conducting a study on the state of lead follow-up by U.S. companies. And for the first time since we started this study, we’re taking a closer look at how Auto Sales and Auto Service departments follow up on their internet leads.

Some of our findings may surprise you:


Finding #1: The auto industry rocks!

The automotive industry outperforms all other industries on our metrics of sales effectiveness, which we call the 4 Ps:

  • Promptness: How quickly does a company follow up on an inquiry with a personalized response?
  • Personalization: To what extent is the response personalized? Does the response provide an opportunity to keep the dialogue going?
  • Persistence: How many attempts did the company make to follow up with the lead?
  • Performance: What was the email deliverability (likelihood of the email landing in the lead’s inbox and not the spam folder)?

In fact, the auto industry as a whole is getting better at lead follow-up each year. In 2017, only 12% of internet leads remained untouched — a 37% improvement over the previous year.

Untouched Leads in Auto Industry

 Finding #2: Auto Sales outperforms Auto Service

Here’s what we found when we drilled down a little deeper within the auto industry: only 7% of Auto Sales left their leads untouched, while a whopping 20% of Auto Service departments failed to respond to our inquiries.

Lead follow-up response auto

In general, Auto Sales performed exceptionally well, with almost 30% achieving an overall A grade. Telecom came in second, with 8% of those companies receiving an A grade. Auto Service came in third, with 6% of Auto Service departments scoring an A. What this means is that while the auto industry has done well relative to non-automotive industries, there is still significant room for improvement.

Want to learn how your auto dealership can improve the lead follow-up process? Download a free copy of the 2017 Sales Effectiveness Report – Auto Edition, here.