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The Segmentation Game: Using Conversation Rules to Route Leads

Callie Hart

Technical Account Manager

Use Conversation Rules to segment your leads in a snap
Use Conversation Rules to segment your leads in a snap
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Published 02/14/23
2 minutes read

Every Marketer worth their salt knows segmentation is key when it comes to engaging leads. But once you get beyond the most basic level of campaign segmentation, it becomes really, really time-consuming. And in today’s attention economy, you need to be able to create a tailored conversational experience for your leads, which means hyper-segmentation.

Luckily, Conversica has the Conversation Rules feature to do the heavy lifting for you.

Conversation rules give you the ability to automatically segment your leads to different contact lists and conversations within Conversica based on information in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) that you’ve integrated with Conversica.

Not only does this take some of the campaign prep work off your plate, but it also empowers you to further tailor your messaging to each segment to drive more effective engagement. So let’s get to splitting!

Top 3 Reasons to Segment with Conversation Rules

  1. Allows you to further personalize the messaging your Revenue Digital Assistant™ uses for each of your customer segments.
  2. Requires less heavy lifting on the campaign building side as you can segment from a single campaign or marketing list.
  3. Dynamic segmentation enables you to set specific criteria for each audience segment based on the different fields you have in your CRM or MAP.

Common Use Cases for Conversation Rules

Post Event Engagement

Let’s say your company recently hosted an event. You have a list of attendees, but want to segment those leads to different corresponding conversations based on the action they took at an event (e.g., stopped by booth at event, attended conference, registered but did not attend, etc). As long as you have this information available in a field in your integrated system, you can use Conversation Rules to route leads to different conversations based on the action they took at an event.

Here’s a flow chart to show how this example works in context.

Industry-Specific Conversations

While you can effectively use conversation rules to route leads to entirely different conversations and conversation pathways, you can also route leads to different contact list versions of the same conversation based on a Lead Industry field in your CRM. You can create different versions of the messaging containing industry-specific language tailored to each segment (e.g., telecommunications, manufacturing and education).

Splitting conversations by industry is a common use case for Conversation Rules

These two use cases are some of the most common ones we see, but the possibilities are truly endless!

  • Segment by lead position title
  • Type of content consumed
  • Product area of interest
  • Region

Ready to Dive In?

The Conversation Rules feature is designed to for ease of use. These are our recommended next steps for getting started.

  1. Identify the contact list you’ll use for these rules. You’ll want to create an empty list in your CRM/MAP and have the name of the list handy.
  2. Determine how you’d like to segment your leads/contacts using Conversation Rules (e.g., by location, product interest, type of content consumed, etc.)
  3. Locate the field(s) you’d like to segment by within your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) that’s integrated with Conversica. (Note: This field must live on the lead or contact record, depending on which you are using.)
  4. Plan out your segments. Our best practice is to list out your criteria for each segment.
  5. Decide how to tailor the messaging copy for each segment.

Want a deeper dive into how Conversation Rules work? Take a tour of the feature in this quick video.

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