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Conversation Automation
Published 07/10/24
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Generative AI has quickly revolutionized the way we do business. While most companies are using it to generate content, there is hesitation when it comes to having AI-powered conversations with prospects. Why? Because trust in AI solutions to conduct dynamic, two-way conversations that are accurate, on-brand, safe and secure is still a significant hurdle.

To be confident that your generative AI solution is ready for these conversations, here’s what you need to consider.

Accuracy is crucial for effective engagement. Conversica excels in this by understanding the intent and context of a conversation. We do this by using a multi-model approach that combines public and private Large Language Models to ensure each response, is precise and accurate.

Accuracy will always be a top concern for marketers. That's why at Conversica we mitigate the risks with robust error handling and our Human in the Loop approach. Uncertain scenarios are flagged for review, giving you better oversight into your AI’s conversations.

Feedback is key. That’s why we provide transparent decision-making processes, allowing our users to audit and offer feedback, enhancing the AI's accuracy and reliability.

Your brand identity is vital. We ensure on-brand interactions, by leveraging your company's data and content to provide responsive, brand-specific information to prospects and customers, maintaining authenticity and consistency.

We minimize AI hallucinations with a governance layer that validates inputs and outputs, safeguarding against brand-damaging responses.

For precise messaging, Conversica offers flexibility for verbatim responses, balancing AI autonomy with human oversight to maintain accuracy and compliance.

At Conversica, we recognize that trust is built on transparency and earned with experience. Since 2007, we’ve provided Conversational AI solutions designed to protect the data that our customers have entrusted to us.

We’ve been certified by independent auditors for compliance with information security frameworks and we annually self-certify to comply with the US-EU Data Privacy Framework, and related UK and Swiss Frameworks.

We’ve also built data protection controls and implemented processes to help our customers better meet consumer privacy expectations and comply with applicable laws.

Conversica integrates seamlessly with your marketing automation platform, updating opt-in/out settings to ensure compliance and responsible data management.

Conversica is the leader in conversational AI solutions that are responsive, on-brand, safe, and secure. Protect your brand while driving more conversions and enhanced customer experiences. Start a conversation today at

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