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Building a Conversational Nurture

Curious about how you can create automatic two-way dialogue for every lead and increase your conversions? Learn how to integrate Conversica into your lead nurture strategy to enable your RDA to work autonomously in the background, to engage each hand raiser from your nurture, with human-like two-way dialogue.

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Published 02/21/24
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Welcome, let's dive into creating automated two-way dialogue nurture programs with Conversica. We'll explore how Conversica seamlessly integrates into your lead management process, automatically triggering AI-powered conversations with leads who take desired actions in your nurture program. In an ideal world, every lead would respond, convert into an MQL, and we'd be rolling in cash. But let's face it, the modern buying journey is a complex marathon, and to stand out, you need persistent personalized engagement.

This is where many traditional nurture programs fall short. A common lead management process is to funnel leads not ready for sales into a segmented nurture program. If a lead hits a score threshold or asks to talk with sales, it gets passed along to an SDR to try and connect. If not, it goes back into a nurture program. Now, there are a few problems here. First, the amount of time an SDR has to spend chasing a lead that might not even be qualified. Second, it's a one-way dialogue. You're throwing a lot of information at someone and not getting anything back from them. Third, it's generalized, takes a lot of time, and isn't automatic.

Enter Conversica. Imagine a well-choreographed customer experience that includes the optimal combination of one-way nurture and two-way dialogue that could run in the background. Our recommendation: start with a separate touchpoint outside of Conversica. Think of newsletters or targeted email campaigns through one of the many marketing platforms. What you're doing here is building rapport and brand awareness with leads. This strategy has set many of our customers on the path to success, with lead conversion rates of 12 1/2%, which is nine times higher than the industry average lead-to-win rate.

Now, let's explore how Conversica can support this process in two ways. First, you can seamlessly integrate Conversica directly into your nurture sequence within your marketing automation platform. By adding Conversica directly into your existing nurture sequence, you enable automated two-way conversations with leads based on their actions, ensuring personalized engagement at scale. Alternatively, you can create triggers within your marketing automation platform that lead to specific lists, which then correspond to conversations in Conversica. This allows you to leverage lead actions as triggers for initiating Conversica conversations, ensuring timely and relevant engagement.

It's important to note that while we won't delve into the step-by-step process in this video, detailed instructions can be found in our help center. Here again is an example of a traditional nurture program. Now, let's see how Conversica can complement the lead journey through a specific scenario.

Imagine you're running an ongoing communication like a newsletter, which highlights new features, product offers, and upcoming events. Leads from your lead stock will enter your newsletter campaign. Any new interest, such as an open email or a link click, will trigger your RDA to engage the leads persistently and schedule a meeting. For this use case, the Cultivate skill would work perfectly. If you have multiple different CTAs within your nurture, you can set it up so that each of these triggers a different RDA conversation that aligns with your objective. Additionally, the RDA uses the information on the lead and account to further personalize the exchange. Conversations with qualified leads will be passed on to sales, and leads not sales-ready will be pursued for a reschedule by your RDA. If they're still not ready, they'll be passed back into your nurture program and re-engaged when appropriate. This seamless cycle maximizes opportunities without requiring any manual intervention.

Now relax with the confidence that your RDA is quietly and conversationally nurturing your lead stock in the background. Remember to keep these key steps in mind: first, kick off with a nurture campaign for your lead stock; next, let your RDA engage the hand-raisers; and finally, make sure to segment your leads, whether that's in your marketing automation platform or Conversica itself, to help stay in control effortlessly. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to check us out in the Conversica community. We, along with a network of your peers, are paving the path forward for generative and conversational AI in Enterprise. Thank you for watching and happy conversing.

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