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Conversica Quick Tips: Capitalizing On Web Leads

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Published 03/04/24
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Welcome to Conversica Quick Tips! In this lesson, we're going to explore how you can use Conversica to supercharge your website engagement, whether its leads from your own site, or leads from content syndication. In just under two minutes, we'll cover the essential techniques for choosing the right conversation, matching form fills with the perfect sales motion, and finally, we’ll show you how to segment leads to ensure the highest level of personalization.

Using the right tool for a job is the key to efficient success, and choosing the right conversation for a use case is no different. Without the right conversation, you risk missing out on valuable leads and wasting precious time in your sales org by manually qualifying leads. Sales should be selling, let Conversica handle the rest. Since we’re talking about web engagement here, we’re going to need a conversation designed to engage leads who have expressed some level of interest, whatever that may be…

…but haven’t reached out to talk to sales yet. To choose the right conversation, we need to ask ourselves, what are we trying to do here? Well, we want to capitalize on that early interest from our web lead, nurture it, and qualify it for sales. And for that, we can look at our Cultivate Early Interest Skill.

Within our Cultivate Early Interest Skill, we have the Fresh Contacts conversation. Fresh Contacts is designed to reach out to exactly the types of leads in our use case, nurturing them along the way, and qualifying them for sales. Now that we have a conversation picked out, it’s time to personalize it, and that starts with Conversation Fields. Conversation Fields allow you to customize your messaging, based on how the web lead was generated and stored in your system. To access Conversation Fields, head over to the Conversation Editor in your Conversica Dashboard

Personalization is the key to success here, so let's be sure not to skip any essential Conversation Fields. While you may save time upfront, it won’t be to your long-term benefit. In fact, our customers who’ve spent time personalizing their web outreaches have seen a 16% higher engaged rate and a 7% higher hot lead rate than the standard industry benchmark. When dealing with web engagement, Content-Type, Action, and Title are a must to include. These fields work better together and including a value for each will be critical for success in engaging web leads. Now you can manually add values for these fields but if you have 50 different ebooks, you would need to set up 50 different contacts lists and edit the Content Title in each one. Let’s be honest, no one wants to do that.

If you have a variety of web content, it would be imperative for you to use Pull Fields to automatically populate Conversation Fields. Conversica will use these fields to populate information from your lead, leveraging the specific action they took and content they viewed to ensure a personalized and relevant outreach. The last thing you want when reaching out to a web lead is for them to respond with “I have no idea what are you talking about?”

Let’s say you have a variety of ebooks targeted at executives. You can create a contact list comprising of all your ebook leads. Each of these leads includes a field in your CRM that contains the Content Title. You can then map this contact list to your Fresh Contacts Conversation. Select View Messaging to open up the Conversation Editor. You’ll notice that the Content Title has automatically been filled in according to which ebook was downloaded. Now since this an ebook we can add that to the Content Type field and because the action they took was downloading, we’ll add that in the Content Action field.” There’s a variety of ways you may need to phrase depending on what it was your lead showed interest in. For example, we wouldn’t want to “downloaded” when in fact they “attended” a webinar.

The personalization doesn’t stop there though. You can use any of the listed Conversation Fields to further personalize your message by either manually entering them, or including additional pull fields.

I want to quickly touch on a key aspect in maximizing Conversica in regard to web leads. Ensuring you are properly segmenting your leads in your CRM will help facilitate a higher level of personalization across a large variety of web engagements.

The easiest way to do this is to create contact lists based on the different types of content consumed. For example, you can have a contact list for ebooks, another for webinars, another for white papers, and so on.

You can create these content-type contact lists in your CRM or use a Conversation Rule to assign these leads to the correct contact list. Using a Conversation Rule can make the process of new leads getting targeted seamless!

And that's it! You’re ready to start seamless and automatic web engagement with Conversica. Remember, capitalizing on your web leads means choosing the right conversation, personalizing it via Conversation Fields or pull fields, and segmenting your contact lists so you can maximize the impact of Conversica.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to check us out in the Conversica Community. We along with a network of your peers are paving the path forward for generative and conversational AI in enterprise. Thanks for watching, and happy conversing

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