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ChadGPT Meets World Ep. 1: Big Man on Campus

The man, the myth, the legend. World, meet ChadGPT, the biggest thing in AI. Tune into our biweekly webisode series to follow Chad as he navigates life, friendship and work.

ChadGPT Meets World, Ep 1: Big Man on Campus
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Published 07/14/23
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Chad GPT

What's up? My name is Chad GPT and I'm the biggest thing on campus.


Can you tell us why you're so popular right now?


I mean, what can I say, I, uh, I love to talk to people, they love to talk to me, I always have an answer for everything, I'm always available, guys, give me five minutes, just five minutes, okay? Five minutes? Thank you. Sorry. They love me, what can I say?


What are some questions you've answered?


I've answered all kinds of questions, actually. Just the other day, I was helping my boy Daniel out. He had a Greek philosophy project on Homer.


In conclusion, despite his laziness, lack of intelligence, and excessive alcohol intake, Homer maintains his job at the nuclear power plant in Springfield. He takes care of his wife and his three kids. A lot of people think of him as selfish, but... Really, he's just trying to take care of his family. And he's one of the most well known characters in pop culture history. Thank you. How? An F? What the hell?


Oh yeah, the yellow dude. He can't get things right.


How are you handling your popularity? Does it get overwhelming?


No, I love talking to people. They love talking to me.

Chad Fans

My heart hurts! Help me! I need CPR!


Okay, I'll be with you in one second!

Chad Fans

[Indistinct yelling]

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