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Conversica Quick Tips: Conversation Customization Best Practices

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Published 03/21/24
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In the competitive landscape of lead conversion, personalization is the key to success. Every interaction counts and making a meaningful connection with your leads can significantly impact your conversion rate. Enter our Conversation Editor, The ultimate tool for crafting the conversations that convert with variable based instruction. Easily customize all aspects of the conversation. Simply identify the pull fields and variables needed to tailor each conversation to fit the unique needs of each segment, and then let the air do the heavy lifting.

Dynamically generating message variations that improve deliverability. But it's not just about throwing in a few variables here and there. It's about mastering the art of customization to truly deliver impactful messages. Here's some best practices for customizing your conversations. Be concise and clear. Try to avoid wordy generalized statements and focus on crafting targeted messages tailored to a specific campaign.

Aim for clear and courteous language that engages your leads without overwhelming them. Match variables to intent. Ensure that each variable you use aligns perfectly with the purpose and tone of your message. For instance, if the intent of your conversation is to schedule a demo, ensure that each variable used such as product descriptions or company names are seamlessly integrated to enhance relevance and authenticity.

This alignment between variables and intent ensures that your message resonates effectively with your audience, increasing the likelihood of achieving your desired outcome. Avoid spam triggers, capital letters, excessive punctuation, or overly promotional language can harm deliverability and engagement rates. Conversica spam alerts make it easy to stay clear of words or symbols that may trigger spam filters. Keep your messaging genuine and spam free to maintain trust and credibility.

Focus on value. Use informational statements to provide background and context for your outreach. The more targeted your contacts, the more focused your messages can be by coupling conversation rules with highly specific informational statements. You can deliver powerful messaging that will truly connect with your audience, though that first email will garner around 50% of the total engagement. Many of our competitors focus solely on optimizing that initial outreach, while that initial message is crucial.

What happens when it doesn't elicit a response? That's where our conversion variable based conversation architecture comes in. We've optimized not just for the first engagement, but for every subsequent attempt to ensure that each follow up message maintains the same level of tailored messaging and relevance. Variable alternatives are those number of variables you will see underneath conversation variables like product description or informational statement.

These allow you to inject a variety into your following messages, reducing repetitiveness and increasing the likelihood of a response. With variable alternatives, you can ensure that every attempt to connect with your leads feels fresh, relevant and personalized. By following these best practices, you'll not only create more personalized conversation, but also build stronger connections with your leads with Conversica’s customization capabilities.

You can deliver the tailored experiences your audiences crave driving engagement and conversions like never before. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to explore the wealth of resources available at Visit our commercial community. Browse our blog or delve into our resource library to discover more about the exciting world of generative and conversational AI in enterprise.

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