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Published 03/07/24
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In this brief video we'll look at some of the key features that make Conversica such a valuable tool for Revenue teams.

Meet Angela one of our Powerfully Human Revenue Digital Assistants for marketing. She can be up and running in just weeks augmenting your team's activities by reaching out to everyone on a contact list you upload or PuLL from a connected system

Angela can both send and respond to emails for true two-way communication when a typical sales rep might send two to three emails and then give up if they don't hear back Angela will stay on Mission

She can reach out to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers and alert your team when she conversation qualifies them resulting in more quality leads and happier salespeople

Angela and her digital colleagues have learned from over 1 billion interactions and can correctly identify the intent of the responses received better than 98% of the time

Overall Conversica customers see an average 10-fold increase in Pipeline and customer growth and a 24x return on investment now let's see her in action

Angela has been trying to connect with Sydney after a webinar and she was finally successful after sending six emails each email she sends is unique and very different from typical mass Email

Once Sydney replies, Angela analyzes her response and determines Sydney is ready to speak with the salesperson. She changes the status to a hot lead and alerts the rep she can also continue the conversation with Sydney in a variety of ways for example to ensure we have her preferred phone number

For this particular use case a marketing Revenue digital assistant has been employed leveraging the post-event engagement Skill.

Personalizing messages to maximize the likelihood of Engagement is at the heart of Conversica conversation editor

Here's that first email Angela sent Sydney while Conversica has strategically crafted each email for maximum results you also have the option to include additional information that's dynamically added to personalize each email further a key reason for the high engagement rate we see

When Angela receives a reply she analyzes the email's intent and determines how best to continue the conversation

To enhance the odds of Engagement even more the timing or Cadence can easily be customized and varied based on the message sent Conversica easily integrates into popular CRM systems like Salesforce and can quickly go to work reaching out to interested prospects or existing customers for upsell and renewal purposes

How can our Revenue Digital Assistants enhance your revenue team's efforts? we look forward to speaking with you and exploring the possibilities thanks for watching

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