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Conversica for Telecommunications

Meet Jenna, one of our Revenue Digital Assistants™ for Telecommunication Sales, and see how she uncovers revenue through Powerfully Human® conversations.

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Published 11/16/23
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Are your sales reps’ inboxes overflowing with customers ready to discuss upgrading or adding services? They could be with Conversica!

With 98% accuracy determining intent, trained on over 1.2 billion conversations, our Revenue Digital Assistants, or RDAs, can have human-like two-way conversations with your customers until they’re warmed-up and ready to speak to a sales rep.

Getting started is quick and easy with dozens of pre-built skills and conversations like Winback, specifically built to help reconnect with past customers and gauge interest in future purchases.

You can tie Conversica to your CRM or marketing automation solution and easily pull in data via Dynamic Fields to personalize emails with our Conversation Editor.

In this email example, Jenna, a Conversica RDA for Telecom, reaches out to Jeff, to gauge his interest in upgrading to the new platform.

Jenna stays persistent and when Jeff finally responds she uses her training to determine Jeff is interested, and alerts the sales rep that a hot lead is queued up.

She even follows up with Jeff to make sure he’s got everything he needs from her team.

Engage your customers with two-way AI-driven conversations across Email, Chat or SMS with Conversica.

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