Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024

Conversica Product Overview

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Published 04/16/24
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Revenue leaders continue to face mounting financial pressures and changing buyer habits. Staying ahead requires an innovative approach that transforms funnel productivity by delivering a personalized dynamic experience.

Get in the conversion fast lane with Conversica’s AI-powered conversations. Activate all parts of your funnel and improve the performance of your existing martech, with personalized, human-like, two-way dialogue that delivers your sales team the highest caliber of leads.

Leveraging an ensemble of LLM models and your existing audience insights, our enterprise-grade Conversational AI Platform provides you with the choice, control, and security needed to strategically engage your leads, and assess their sales-readiness, with highly relevant, multichannel dialogue.

Our Revenue Digital Assistants influence and persuade across the buyer journey, delivering the personalized experience your customers crave, and setting your brand apart from competitors, making two-way conversations a standard and automatic step in your workflow.

Transform your lead management strategy with automated triggers that initiate personalized two-way conversations.

Immediately respond to inbound leads and uncover new interest with tailored engagement that advances leads through the sales funnel quickly.

Improve the quality of leads sent to Sales. Initiate conversations to pre-qualify leads, streamlining the process and ensuring sales receive only the most promising prospects.

Our efforts extend beyond lead generation. We support clients in nurturing and expanding their customer base, aiding in risk management, adoption, promotion, and renewals to ensure sustained growth and success.

Your path to reshaping your funnel begins here. Start a conversation today at

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