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Keep Customers Tied to the Dealership with Revenue Digital Assistants™ for Auto Service

Engaging service customers, and keeping them engaged, is critical to a dealership’s revenue and ability to retain customers through to the next buying cycle. And that buying cycle is worth a lot more than just one or two cars. An average customer is worth $517,000 over their lifetime . While the average new car sale yields 3.6% gross, the average service yielded 72%. It’s clearly worth the effort.

Still, contacting and engaging service customers takes time, effort and close monitoring. When there are hundreds or thousands of customers to work, even the best service team can miss good opportunities. The Conversica Revenue Digital Assistant for Auto Service engages potential service customers in natural, two-way conversations, and continues to engage and nurture them until they either express interest or specifically opt-out. Read the data sheet to learn more.


Tirelessly Keep Customers Tied to the Dealership Throughout the Ownership Cycle

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Published 12/15/22
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