Sell More with Conversica – How AI Works

Conversica provides an automated sales assistant powered by artificial intelligence software. The assistant works just like a human sales assistant, reaching out to every single one of your leads and engaging each of them in a human conversation. People love it because the assistant is personable, friendly and responsive, connecting them quickly with a human that can help.

Sales sells more, because the assistant contacts and qualifies all leads so salespeople can focus on what they do best...selling.

Marketing markets more effectively, knowing every single lead is being followed up and getting real-time feedback on the engagement of leads in their campaigns.

Free your reps up for actual selling

Automated sales assistant separates the good leads from the dead ones, so sales reps talk only with prospects who want to talk to them.

Follow up with every
single lead

Conversica yields far more “at bats” for your sales reps – with both new and old leads – and thereby dramatically boosts their number of closed deals

Receive honest

Your assistant is so approachable, that prospects are much more relaxed and honest in their responses than they would be with a “salesperson”.

Gather critical
business intelligence

Prospects not only respond more readily, they also share critical information such as phone numbers, best times to call, and intent to buy.

Improve your
sales process

Your sales assistant follows up with prospects again after handing off to a sales rep – to deliver management insight and customer satisfaction.

Deploy a fully trained
sales assistant

Your sales assistant arrives fully trained, fully motivated, and already equipped with the experience gained from millions of customer conversations.

We're in an AI spring. I think for every company, the revolution in data science will fundamentally change how we run our business because we're going to have computers aiding us in how we're interacting with our customers.

Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff

Get Started Today

Each AI Assistant can have multiple skills, here are 3 of the most common skills to get your team started:

Engage Demand

Engage inbound leads who showed interest but didn’t score high enough for follow-up by your inside sales team

Activate Unresponsive Demand

Engage high scoring inbound leads who have not been responsive to outreach by your inside sales team


Drive attendance for events such as webinars and in person conferences.

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