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With Conversica, you will have the resources to make every prospective student feel welcome. AI technology delivers the personalized interaction, responsiveness and efficiency that can give your school a competitive edge. Our automated sales assistant starts communicating via email within minutes of inquiry, focuses your enrollment officers on the most interested students and helps ensure your enrollment team follows through.

Engage prospective students

Connect with every prospective student in real time using automation with a human touch

One-on-one conversations

Each response to every inbound email is welcoming and natural

Interprets responses

Conversica interprets responses from prospective students and alerts an enrollment officer the minute interest changes to intent

Find out who’s interested

Conversica gathers initial information, so enrollment officers can focus on students who want to speak with them

Ensure follow-through

Conversica never forgets to follow up and tracks enrollment team follow-through

Follow-up with students

After enrollment, encourage satisfied students to show support for your school on social media

Conversica delivers a level of engagement, responsiveness and efficiency that will truly revolutionize the focus and productivity of your enrollment team.

Develop more enrollment opportunities

Bridge the gap between enrollment and recruiting

Your automated sales assistant is an important member of your team, dedicated to the most important stage of the enrollment lifecycle – when a prospective student is ready to take the next step. Your enrollment officers can focus on students who are serious about your school.

A competitive edge for your school

Conversica enrollment management software delivers a level of personalized interaction, responsiveness and efficiency that provides a competitive edge – and potentially a significant boost in enrollment numbers, acceptance rates, high school class standings and/or test scores.

Additional Resources

  • Data sheet: Find the Most Interested Students From Among Thousands of InquiriesConversica delivers a level of interaction, responsiveness and efficiency that will revolutionize the focus of your enrollment team, providing a competitive edge.

  • Case Study: Los Angeles Film SchoolThe Los Angeles Film School wanted to contact every lead in person, but was falling behind. Instead of its goal of at least seven attempts to contact every lead, its sales people were only making an average of 1.6 touches per lead. Find out how Conversica helped them increase lead engagement by 33 percent.

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