Lead Management

Conversica engages, manages and tracks Internet leads all day every day. The Revenue Digital Assistant™ gets through to leads where other methods fail, determines which leads are the best sales opportunities, and alerts a sales rep immediately. The dashboard identifies at-risk leads, analyzes the best lead sources, and provides insight for better lead management.

Lead management software that saves hundreds of sales hours

Prioritize thousands of leads

Sales reps save hundreds of hours a year by focusing on leads who will welcome their sales calls

Shorten the sales cycle

AI technology manages the early, time-consuming stages of the lead lifecycle: contacting, nurturing and qualifying leads

Real-time alerts

Our AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistant™ engages in live conversations to discover your most qualified leads and alerts a sales rep

Increase sales revenue

With this lead management software, your sales team can close more sales in less time with a Revenue Digital Assistant™ to qualify leads

Intelligent lead hand-off

When the lead is ready for a sales call, the AI shares the conversation, best number and time to call

Compare lead sources

See which lead sources are performing for sales – and which to drop

The Internet sales environment has dramatically changed lead management best practices. Success today requires a more personalized approach to engaging prospects than traditional one-way email marketing applications and a more efficient sales team. Artificial intelligence-based systems provide a way to achieve both objectives.

Mark A. Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, Conversica

Lead management software with artificial intelligence

Work every lead for as long as it takes

Conversica manages and tracks leads all day every day — never taking a break and never calling in sick. The Revenue Digital Assistant™ follows up with each lead via human-like two-way conversations until the lead converts into a sales opportunity or opts out. Whether it takes a day, several weeks, or even months, Conversica ensures your sales team never abandons a lead.

What is the best number to reach you?

Just ask! The Revenue Digital Assistant™ has proven success with obtaining phone numbers, including cell phone numbers, and other important details from leads. Such information can be captured from an earlier message and used in future messages such as to ask, “Is 555-555-5555 the best number to reach you?”

Lead management reports

Sales managers will appreciate Conversica’s lead management performance reports delivered directly to your inbox or smartphone. The reports benchmark team and individual performance month-over-month. You can compare your sales performance to other Conversica clients, too.

Get Started Today

Each Revenue Digital Assistant™ can have multiple skills, here are 3 of the most common skills to get your team started:

Engage Demand

Engage inbound leads who showed interest but didn’t score high enough for follow-up by your inside sales team

Activate Unresponsive Demand

Engage high-scoring inbound leads who have not been responsive to outreach by your inside sales team

Pre-Event Outreach & Post-Event Engagement

Drive attendance for events such as webinars and in-person conferences.