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How IHS Markit Drives Opportunities with Revenue Digital Assistants™

IHS Markit, a $5-billion information services firm, generates a lot of interest in their offerings. While high lead volume is a good thing, it’s nevertheless challenging to identify sales-ready leads within the pipeline. See how IHS Markit leverages Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants to help determine which leads really were ready to talk to a Salesperson, as well as drive customer health and help expand current relationships via upselling and cross-selling opportunities.


  • Low Sales team capacity
  • Inquiry volume too high for manual follow-up
  • Needed help with customer retention and expansion

Conversica Solutions

Revenue Digital Assistants for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

Key Results

  • 39x ROI
  • 44% engagement rate
  • Unlimited scalability
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Published 12/16/22
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